13 photos which prove you not to visit Ukraine ever

Many people would like to come to Ukraine, but only few of them realize what this country really represents and whether it is worth visiting. I will try to convince you not to visit Ukraine ever by showing the pictures and giving some explanation of them.
I am not responsible for your reaction, be careful while scrolling down the screen of your laptop. Let's start. I beg you one more time to change your time, otherwise let's start!

You are so  persistent!

Photo #1

Kiev 1900. An old city with its trading life
and beautiful architecture.

Photo #2

The Carpathian dawn. West Ukraine.

Photo #3

The view of Goverla (the highest
mountain in Ukraine).

Photo #4

Tarakaniv Fort. Rivne region.

Photo #5

Vorontsov lighthouse. Odessa (Tte South).

Photo #6

Khotyn Fortress. Chernivtsi region.

Photo #7

Night Lviv (the West).

Photo #8

Nevitsky castle. Transcarpathian region.

Photo #9

The lodgments of Kamenetz-Podolsk
fortress. Khmelnytsky region.

Photo #10

A monument of military pilots. Kiev.

Photo #11

Dnipro hydro power station. Zaporizhzhia (the East).

Photo #12

Dzharylgachsky national park.
Kherson region (the South).

Photo #13

Lutsk castle. Volyn region (the West).

Of course it is not the only places to visit. 
It's just a very small part of Ukraine.Ukrainian culture 
is rich with its historical heritage and natural wonders. 
Across the country you can find monuments of Ukraine - 
medieval castles and places of worship of IX-XIII centuries, 
places of tremendous battles and just beautiful landscapes.