The most beautiful railway stations in Ukraine (Part 1)

City Gate. So usually stations are called. Indeed, often the railway station is the first thing guests see when they come on a trip, for business or to their relatives in the city. Sometimes the station can be seen only in passing, from the window of the train, while going to a completely different city. Originality and beauty of buildings may remain in memory for long time. Plenty of stations in Ukraine were built over 100 years ago. There are also a lot of those that appeared a few years ago do not yield to structures of history by their originality.

Dnipropetrovsk station

The main railway station in Dnipropetrovsk is one of those that boasts with a long history. On the right bank of the Dnieper the first railway building were built back in 1884. Then the station was called "Katerynoslav". Only in 1926 it was renamed. Since then it began to be called "Dnepropetrovsk", as the city itself, which also got a new name afterwards. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, the station building was destroyed. It was only rebuilt in 1956. Since then, the station and keeps its look.

Zhmerynka Railway Station

The exterior of the station Zhmerynka is impressive. Style is Ukrainian Modern combined with renaissance. By the way, the station Zhmerynka was one of the first of those which were built in the new style. Architects, while planning the project, tried to make it look like a Bavarian station in Munich. Built in 1865, it is now an architectural monument of local importance.
There is even a legend that the new station allegedly came to see Tsar Nicholas II and during the inspection structures he put no censorship at all. Architect Zinovy ​​Zhuravsky took this as a negative review of the royal person and allegedly committed suicide. Although in reality Nicholas II expressed his delight of this majestic building. And, according to historical sources, the architect continued to work in at least the other 10 years. For more than 100 years the station was unable to maintain its original appearance. Much of sumptuous decoration was destroyed. The station waited for the restoration until 2011. The repairs lasted for 2 years.

Kupiansk-Vuslovy station

A small village which has less than 10 thousand inhabitants, but it has quite a fairly large station. Erected in 2009, for the 18th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. However, there were also stations here before. Two buildings, one has half a century. Another is older. It was built in the late 19th or early 20th century. The exact date is unknown. These structures now nestled next to a new, modern building. Although the new station copes with passenger traffic, so the old stations are closed a long ago. Large station in a small town was so essential. Because the trains from 5 directions come here. The main one takes direction to Kharkiv.

Krivoy Rog Railway Station

Main Railway Station in Kryviy Rih is striking with its beauty. When you look at the station, there is an impression that it is not the station but gingerbread home from the tales of Hensel and Gretel. In the summer a bush of red roses is around, it only underscores the fabulous view of the building. The fact that the station is arranged the park around. Total area is 0.98 ha. It appeared even in the 20th century. The station itself was built earlier. In 1884. Then it was called "Dolhintsevo." Some local residents, being mindful of history, so still call. Although modern name "Krivoy Rog-Central" it received in 1979.

Station in Kozyatyn

Kozyatyn station also belongs to unusual line. Back in 1899, Station "Kazatynъ" belonged to the category of the best in the whole Empire. Already in those years, the station could simultaneously receive and send more trains. By the time the station was one of three in the Ukrainian lands, which had its own power plant. A decoration of a station is impressive: graceful ornaments, elegant furniture. A bronze chandelier that decorated the buffet became legendary. According to local stories, it was tried to be stolen by the Germans during the World War II. And the chandelier was hardly drop off only to Odessa. And it is said that now it adorns the Odessa's Opera House. Now the station is an architectural monument of the 19th century. The last time Kozyatyn station was restored in 2011-2012.