Celebrate Valentine's Day in Kiev with fun!

It is necessary to prepare for the holidays in advance. 
This is especially true on February 14, the day when 
all the cafe tables are booked, tickets to concerts and movies 
are bought and gift ideas converge to banal box 
of Raffaello and gel shower.

My blog offers you a selection of interesting events, fairs with cool and useful pieces, concerts, festivals and film screenings for the best Valentine's Day.

Think of something to surprise your love, so you do not have to blush and celebrate in the food court area of one of the shopping centers ;-)
Events on the 14th of February

The violets exhibition

On this exhibition professional astrologer Valentina Barilo will help make your horoscope and you will learn how the violet and its color may affect the various spheres of life, and where is best spot in your apartment to place it. Also, each couple, who will visit the exhibition on 14th of February will receive a pair of violet cuttings with romantic names.

  • Place: House of Nature
  • Time: February 13-14, 11 a.m.
  • Price: full - 15 UAH, preferential - 7 UAH

Valentine's Day at VDNH (ВДНХ)

You can also go to the VDNH with your other beloved. Here you will find the concert "Para Normalnyh", "Tamerlane and Alena" (those are Ukrainian singers), a cinema with candles, photo zone, decorations drawing, skaters, as well as a unique wedding ceremony for all lovers!
  • Place: "Snow Country", VDNH (metro Vystavkovy centr)
  • Time: February 14, starting at 10 a.m.
  • Price: 100 UAH

Mary's Primachenko Exhibition

Until March 3, it will be possible to see an exhibition of outstanding painter Maria Primachenko. The exhibition will include more than 300 works. Fantastic images of Mary are a unique phenomenon in the painting.
  • Place: Art Arsenal (Mystetsky Arsenal), metro Arsenalna
  • Time: everyday until the 3rd of March
  • Price: 60 UAH; discount ticket - 20 UAH; ATO soldiers - free entrance

UAmadeFest in Love

The festival for all lovers (and not only) in the gallery "Lavra". Here you will find shopping, photo zone, hot and strong drinks, cocktails, contests and entertainment, as well as great DJs and cheerful music.
  • Place: Gallery "Lavra"
  • Time: 13-14 February, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Price: Free!

Handicraft exhibition

If you do not know yet what to present your second half, be sure to visit the exhibition on this weekend. Here you can not only buy great souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones, but also learn a lot of new information, will be able to buy the materials for creative work and visit more than 50 workshops for adults and children.
  • Place: NSK "Olympic" (entrance through the gate 'West 1')
  • Time: 13-14 February from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Price: Free!

Large discounts

Spring is coming, it is time to buy yourself some stuffs (swag:)! Special Valentine's day in the gallery D12 offers sales and reasonable prices of Ukrainian producers.
  • Place: D12 gallery
  • Time: 13-14 February from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Price: Free! (But be aware that you gonna spend money for clothes and stuffs if wanted)

Anti Valentine Fest

Festival where you can come not only together with somebody but also alone. It offers interesting lectures and master classes, film screenings, Anti Valentine Free-market, an entertainment program that will surprise you for sure, live music and lots of surprises. It is worth going to learn a lot of new information and to hang out a little bit.
  • Place: TSNM DIYA, Dovzhenko film studio (metro Shuliavska)
  • Time: February 14 from 12 p.m.
  • Price: 30-50 UAH

Cover Show in Chillout "Tyaga"

This Sunday, in honor of St. Valentine, Chillout "Tyaga" is organising atmospheric evening of cover versions of the brightest hits of all time on the saxophone and guitar.
The best works of both contemporary and classical music performed by talented musicians.
It's gonna be an evening of smoke, festive cosiness and saxophone.
  • Place: St. Andrey Ivanov 19
  • Time: 14.02 beginning at 8 p.m.
  • Price: Unknown
  • Reservation of tables: +38 (044) -332-22-40

Fair Gift for Lovers

The Valentine's Day is approaching. So you want to create a fairy tale for your loved one. Commonplace things (box of chocolates or a flowers) seem a bit rustic. You want something like....

Especially for those who want to present something original, from 10 to 14 February in conjunction with the Foundation "Pelyustki Nadiyi" will be fair gifts for lovers. Hair jewelry and exclusive women's jewelry; leather articles and books; wood inlay, and clay figurines; romantic candles and soap; gingerbread, gingerbread cookies, muffins, cupcakes. All are handmade. And a lot of hearts. Promenada's Shops have prepared discounts.
  • Place: Promenade shopping center
  • Time: 10-14 February
  • Price: Free!

The physical performance "Metamorphosis"

"Metamorphosis" is a reflection of the changes taking place in Ukrainian society through physical theater, animation and live music. In the physical theater the body and dynamics, sign and symbol, psychological gesture are the main means of expression. Perception is at a very delicate, sensual level and the purpose is to cause the viewer deep associations, emotions and reflection on the topic.

Physical theater is a new method for Ukrainian theater space, as in the context of the post-Soviet theater is still dramatic. Ukraine Ministry of Culture finances only classical theater, while the development of theater in Europe is ahead of Ukrainian theater scene at least 40 years forward. Creation of contemporary theater is an important contribution to the development of the cultural environment.
  • Place: Les' Kurbas Center, St. Vladimir 23V
  • Time: 13, 14 February at 7 p.m.
  • Price: 50 UAH
Concerning booking please call: (044) 279 5069, (050) 385 2758 and email: tickets@kurbas.org.ua

Meeting "Travellers and Dreamers" vol.11

We begin a series of lectures "water" and this time let's talk about kite crossing of the Gulf of Finland, which took 12 hours and eventually became a world record.
Lecturer and traveler Stanislav Kulikov - a kitesurfing friend who studied in southern waters, Odessa, Mykolayiv and Crimea. The last three years he was in Egypt, riding every day to improve his skills.
"Before the transition we made the walk along the Sinai Peninsula - came 85km to go until it was over the wind. The most difficult transition in Helsinki Peter was the transition itself, as it was not a walk on the reef with smooth water, but it was 300 kilometers of major waves of the open sea. "
You learn more at a meeting on Sunday. The meeting is supported by traveler's formation 'Move'.
The basis of meeting 'Travelers and dreamers' is a form of free communication and everyone can take part in shaping and filling the themes. We create a place where trails of restless seekers intersect.
  • Place: Mezzanine, st. Nyzhnoyurkivska 31
  • Time: February 14 at 4 p.m.
  • Price: Free!

LoveDay: Selebrium (Max Korzh Dj) @ Forsage

Specially for Valentine's Day Forsage club prepared has prepared a grand surprise for its guests: the heart of the party on 14 February will be the official DJ of the popular artist Max Korzh - Dj Selebrium!
  • Place: Forsage Club, St. Garmatna 51A
  • Time: 14 February, beginning at 10 p.m.
  • Price: Woman - 50 UAH, Men - 60 UAH, after 4 a.m. - free entrance!
Booking of tables here or by phone: (063) 497-96-06

Charity event "World of Good"

At this event you can give the joy and warmth to others, and find for yourselves, your kids and second halves many interesting things, including:
- Bright photozone with romantic scenery and the opportunity to take photos using fotocubes
- Interesting and fascinating master classes that you are going to love
- Exclusive Charity Fair Charity-Shop, where you can purchase beautiful postcards for friends, confectionery goodies from home "Smiyan" for your second half, eco-bag for yourself!
- You will become a charitymen and will be able to save children's lives.
All funds collected will go to charity. For details you can refer to their website.
We look forward you to celebrate these wonderful Valentine's Day weekend and the world of good. 
  • Place: Shopping Mall "Gulliver" (metro Palats Sportu)
  • Time: from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Price: Free but implies the idea of donation.

Spend this holiday enjoyable and surprise yourself!