Landscape Alley - the most fabulous place in Kiev

Landscape Alley - recreation area in Kiev, established on the place of the closed defense walls of the Upper Town, which came on top of ravine, over the natural boundary of potters. In fact, this track (auto-foot), which follows the route of the shaft and the objects of landscape design around (curbs, park sculpture, playgrounds, beds and so on) originates from a viewing platform near the National Museum of History of Ukraine and completes between houses number 36 and 40 on Velyka Zhytomyrska st. The alley was built in the early 1980s by architect Miletsky Abraham.

Children's park

In 2009, the Landscape alley was
equipped with children's park with benches and majestic cats. It has the installed fountains in the form of elephant, zebra head, lined with mosaics 30-meter cat-centipede, benches in the form of a rabbit, crow, cat. The beautification of the square, which was formerly a wasteland, belongs to a well-known sculptor Constantin Skretutsky.
In total, around a million hryvnia has been spent for the work, with 15% was gathered by residents of nearby houses, the rest sponsors gave.


A cat-centipede
A rabbit bench
Children's faces

Landscape Alley: how to get there?

How to get to the Landscape alley? The nearest metro stations are "Zoloti Vorota" and "Maidan Nezalezhnosti".
To start a walk near the viewing platform of the National History Museum of Ukraine, you need to go in the direction of Andrew's descent, and from the Volodymyrska street turn to the Desyiatynna province. You can complete tour between houses number 36 and 40 on Velyka Zhytomyrska (there is also beer graffity).
Address: Vladimirskaya St., 2 - Zhitomirskaya St., 36,KievUkraine
To enjoy the online view of the alley you can previously watch the video.

Why is it worth visiting?

If you have never visited the Landscape alley, then you should examine it as soon as possible. This is a special place in the historic heart of Kiev which attracts residents and visitors, adults and children by its extraordinary atmosphere. The air of the alley is saturated with the ancient history of the city and at the same time the spirit of innovation and creativity.

Under threat of development

During its short existence Landscape Alley was repeatedly threatened by development. There has been heavy fighting in the Kiev administration for several years between the defenders of the historic area and willing to earn using it. However, in a fabulous location, in this tale, the good won. In 2012, al alley received the status of complex natural monument of local importance. Now, 3.37 hectares of land on the slopes of Mount Starokievsky from the St. Andrew's descent to the mountain Detinki on Honcharna Street are under the protection of the city.

Price: Free entrance.
Services: cafes, restaurants and street food markets around.
It is a welcome place for street musicians, music festivals, street trade markets and other public activities.