Switzerland in Ukraine

Little Switzerland - so called by the people Canyon at river Mountain Tikich with unique picturesque landscapes.

A true natural wonder of unique beauty - Buky canyon is located on the border of Cherkasy and Vinnitsa regions near the village. It was formed on the rocky banks of the Mountain Tikich in Proterozoic granites. Scientists estimate the age of the granite of 2 billion years.

Buky canyon is a rocky shore with original performances of gray granite, the length is more than 5 km. All the mainstream is rocky, with many rapids and rifts. The height of the cliffs reaches up to 30 meters, one of them is "Rock Rodionova", named after the famous Ukrainian petrographer, geologist, researcher, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences Sergey Rodionov.

The highlight of the canyon is cascading waterfall which was formed in the place where rough river flows from a height of two meters. And stone ruins of an old water mill of XIX century preserved next to Vyrske tract. In 1972, Whirlpool Falls received the status of hydrological nature monument of local importance.

Buky canyon with amazing scenery attracts any time of year, but it is especially beautiful in spring because of playing with bright colors. At this time, spring greens soar on the banks of Mountain Tikich. There is a lot of flowers, even wild garlic and wild tulip grow there.

Generally Buky canyon is a wonderful recreational area for outdoor activities, including hiking, climbing or kayak.