The most beautiful railway stations in Ukraine (Part 2)

I want to keep on the topic of the most beautiful railway stations in Ukraine. And this time you will find out much more interesting facts about my country.

Kyiv Railway Station

Almost everyone is probably familiar with Kyiv station. Each year, the capital city of Ukraine is visited by millions of tourists. Lion's share of visitors is coming to Kyiv directly via the railway station. The station combines with 3 sub-stations: Central, Southern and Suburban.
In the capital city of Ukraine the railway station was launched long ago as in 1870. Since then it was extended because a passenger traffic only increased over the years. By the time of its existence the station was rebuilt 7 times. The last time - in 2001. At that time Southern Station was attached to the Central Station. They were combined with a crosswalk. Also the new station was equipped with an area, where a church erected. Interestingly, the prototype of South Station was planned to build in the early 20th century. But an implementation of the project was only after 100 years, in the 21st century.

Lutsk Railway Station

Lutsk station itself was shown at special stamps issued by Ukrposhta (Ukrainian Post) to the 75th anniversary of the Volyn region. This stamp was published recently in early 2015. And because of the limited edition it has managed to get into the collections of philatelists. The station itself in Lutsk is quite monumental. It was brought in 1959. Although the city had a passenger railway station before, but in another place. By the way, the station could only be electrified since independence. A large-scale reconstruction of the station was only in 2013.

Lviv Railway Station

Lviv station is also one of the most famous and most visited stations of Ukraine. After all, the city of Lviv in recent years through the development of tourism industry has become a tourist mecca! And the first thing guests see - is this station. That's interesting that the city opened the first station on the territory of Ukraine in 1861. So Lviv can be proud of this championship. In the mid of the 19th century Galicia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. So in less than three weeks after the opening of the station first train to the city arrived from Vienna! During the Second World War the station was badly damaged. Therefore, in the postwar years there was a restructuring. The latest restoration of the station dates from 2001.

Nizhyn Railway Station

Nizhyn railway station - is 148 years! That date will be celebrated in December 2016 here. When the station was in the process of its erection, there had happened some curiosity. The station was built in 5 kilometers away from the city. Of course, it was a fair burden for passengers. Is it rumored that this location had become as a punishment for the city. But locals did not want to give a bribe the headship of the Russian railways. But gradually the station was just growing. Passenger traffic was increasing every year. 90 thousand people were already transported through the station Nizhyn in 1919. The Second World War has become a tragic page for both Nizhyn as a city and station. During the bombardment by the Germans about 3 thousand people went west at the station. Last reconstruction was carried out at the station in 1999. And now the beautiful ancient city station does not lose its positions and is considered one of the most important railway lines in Ukraine.

Odessa Railway Station

Beautiful Caledonia! Odessa station could not be anything less than an architectural monument. The station was designed by an architect Victor Schroeter. The station owes him its neoclassical style. The station started taking passengers in 1884. The Second World War has left an irreparable damage to that building. That's why the station was rebuilt in 1950 in compliance with the style of the old building.

Uzhgorod Railway Station

M odern appearance of Uzhgorod station came after reconstruction in 2004. Notably, after the reconstruction the face of the station changed beyond recognition. Some time photograph of this border station decorated Internet start page of Railways. It is no coincidence. Especially beautiful the station is in the evening. Despite the modern look of the station, its history began in the late 70s of the 19th century. Even then Uzhgorod was interfaced to Vienna and Budapest.

Kharkiv Railway Station

In the late 19th century railway station in Kharkiv was one of the largest in the Russian Empire. The first station building was opened back in 1869. However, it was repeatedly destroyed. The building that now welcomes guests from all over Ukraine and abroad, was actually built in 1952. Since then the station was just expanding. Today the station building occupies an area of 32,600 m², and this is without platforms and tunnels, which take 33 100 m² additionally.

Tchernivtsi Railway Station

The station of the capital of Bukovina was in competition with Lviv railway station. Although it was built a bit later (1866), but quickly gained popularity. After all, Tchernivtsi was one of the strategic cities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the capital of the Duchy of Bukovina. In this regard, it was decided to build a new station. It was enacted in 1909. Erected in modern style, the station reminiscent a sanctuary of pagan goddess Irida, who warmly greeted the guests. There is no shortage of Christian symbols here - the angels were designed to symbolize the hospitality of Bukovina. The station was rebuilt after the World War II. Last restoration of the station took place in 1999.

Chernihiv Railway Station

Another building with a fantastic level. Regarding its look - like a dollhouse. Locals retell that construction of the station was carried out by sketches of a German war prisoner Hans (name is not preserved). After the war, he did not return home to Munich because his family was killed. So he settled in Chernigiv. In 1999, the station was reconstructed. So then the station got the status of architectural monuments.

Shepetivka Railway Station

Shepetivka railway station was built back in 1873. Rebuilt in 1952. The locals consider the station one of the highlights of their settlement. Visitors noticed that every year the station building is painted once again. The station and surrounding area look very elegant. Near the station - there is the Kirpa square. At one time even multi-storey building was tried to build in this area. But residents of Shepetivka managed to defend the station square, so now there is enough space.

As we see there is a lot of really beautiful railway stations in Ukraine. Some of them are even worth of  holding a tour there. Because a rich history of "city gate" often conceals facts that will be interesting for tourists not less than the story of the former local rulers and their elegant homes. Those stations have seen millions and millions of people, they remember their life stories. Most of them are not shown up on the pages of books. However they etched in the hearts of everyone for whom the platform of the station was the place of parting or meeting after a long separation for many years.