The most mysterious and mystical place of Kiev

According to ancient legend, which went the rounds by our ancestors, the land was twined by a huge snake. It was so long that could by fully circling the globe grasp its tail. This place in Kiev is named Bald Mountain.

Wood made gods of pagans

Perhaps those who say that the Bald Mountain is a place that has a downright mystical energy are not wring at all. There is a lot of legends about this place, and to this day scientists and archaeologists seek out truly extraordinary treasures here. This hill can be safely attributed to the most interesting places in Kiev. The history of this place is exciting and at the same time scaring. Sometimes this place is talked such kind of things that blood simply runs cold.
It is said that before the introduction of Christianity in Russ, there was some unexplored at those days religion. The priests lived in the caves, books and gold were preserved there. But their gods were worshiped by their followers here on Bald Mountain. Until now, there are ancient apocrypha and inscriptions of ancient hieroglyphs. Over time, the Christian monks came to the mountain and built an underground monastery there,  and tied it with secret passages to the Pechersk Lavra.

During the reign of Peter I in Russia Bald Mountain was once again in the center of events - it was decided to build a fortress for the defense of Kiev here. It must be said that the fortress on the hill was built very wisely -there were huge underground water tanks in its grounds. The plan was - if the enemy captured the fortress, the fort would immediately sunk along with the enemy. At the same time under the Bald Mountain a real underground city was built in Kiev, and it is preserved to this day. Miserable monk cells, abandoned military bases, old books and even treasures - here you can find everything. And yet there are the remains of those who once tried to unravel the mysterious secret of this unusual place ...

By the way, the mysticism of the Bald Mountain - is, by no means, not an invention. Someone claims that the astral world where spirits materialize is opened over this place. Known fact is that in Soviet times the rulers of many countries came here in search of truth. There was even talk that in the 90s during war and China's Tibet the Dalai Lama sent here the Buddhist monks, who prayed for termination of confrontation on Bald Mountain. Scientists explain the "anomaly" of the place that directly this Bald Mountaind area is one of the most powerful of geopathic zones in Kiev. Also it is old that at the time of Batu Khan thousands of people were bricked alive in the caves. And that's what has an effect on the energy of this place.

In our times Bald Mountain has almost the same form as it had hundreds of years ago. Now it is conventionally divided into three parts: the Mermaid ravine Witches ravine, and the biggest part is Dead wood. It completely lacks all signs of civilization. Bald Mountain is a stronghold of supporters of the Black Force, pagans, witches and wizards gather here. And so the Bald Mountain, like a magnet, attracts a huge number of those interested in the occult. Mysticism makes this place mysterious and more attractive for tourists from many countries.

In the late 80ies of the last century, on the eve of the 1500 anniversary of Kiev Bald Mountain received the status of Nature Park. Today the remains of Lysogorskaya fortress are a monument of architecture and object of attention of guests.