The new pearl of Ukrainian tourism - the Museum of corruption

More recently, Mezhyhiria or in other words The Museum of Corruption of ex-president Yanukovych was closed and it was considered as a secret area, but on February 23 the former president's residence was transferred by VerhovKyna Rada in state ownership. 324 deputies voted for the resolution №4189.
From that day, every person has the opportunity to go on an excursion in Mezhyhiria, see every corner of the museum of corruption with their own eyes.

Outside looking of the Museum

It is easy to get there using the services
of agencies who carry on Mezhyhiria excursions every day. The guide will tell you the most interesting facts from the history of the northern areas of Kiev, will show the beautiful places of residence, will represent Honka Mezhyhiria, zoo of Mezhyhirya. Honka Yanukovych is the most luxurious clubhouse in the area, which can be reached every day by ordering VIP tours.
Mezhyhiria is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Activities to do and to see

  • Rent a bicycle - the best and interesting excursion in Mezhyhiria will become more comfortable and if it will include bicycle rental for you and your friends. You will be able to have time to see absolutely every secret corner of this vast territory and have such an eventful day;
Price: 50 UAH/hour
  • Famous Honka, which contained untold wealth;
  • Underground sports complex;
  • Small zoo;
  • Floating banquet hall "Galleon";
  • Golf-club;
  • Helipad;
  • Artificial ponds, which have the ice baths with a slide located on the surface;
  • 'Ancient Greek ruins';
  • Parks, pavilions, sculptures and much more.

Tours to the residence

There are two types of tours which you can use in order to get to the residence:

  • REGULAR TOUR - walk through the area with a guide. Set the group of 10 people. You will learn the history of the area Mezhyhirya, interesting news and facts. Duration 1-2 hours.
Price: 40 UAH per person.

  • VIP TOUR - Walk with a guide on electric cars along the territory + tour inside buildings where the Yanukovych (Honka and FLC). From 2 - 40 people.
Price: 400 UAH per person.
The view inside the Residence

Online tour via Mezhyhiria

Nowadays there is also an option to get a free online tour via google navigation to see the overview of the Museum in real time. You are offered you choose the format countryside (either 3D or Map). And if you are totally confused in what to see and where to look for the website offers a facilitate navigation in two manners:
So you can optionally distinct places and ares you are willing to oversee. 

The general interface of the website
As you can see this web-page is not complicated and you can easily figure out how to navigate inside. To get more precise information and try this service use the direct link.

Useful links

Here I represent the most useful links which may help you to combine and make up the tour.
  • Facebook page - a free space to read and find out the most interesting and curious reviews of people.
  • KyivPost - hot post of one of the most popular ukrainian newspaper on how Mezhyhirya has been acquired.
  • oDr's oppinion - the history and sense of this Museum today.
  • The coordinates of the place - 50.611729, 30.473524
  • Youtube introduction video - held in russian with english subtitles. 
  • Google maps location - find out how to reach this destination by yourself.