Top 5 mystical and legendary places of Kiev

1. Mine at VDNH (ВДНХ)

Pavilion №13 is lost in the depths of VDNH and apparently
its underground contents do not reveal anything
The underground part clearly shows examples used in mining roof
support and lining. To have more fun pictures,
I experimented with colored lanterns.
Gate from drafts. As you have already noticed, t
are laid rails in the tunnel. 
Years before the 
trolley with coal was riding here.

Mines in Kiev are not only on the subway. A few days ago I had a chance to look at the former (unfortunately) layout of a coal mine in the pavilion №13 at the exhibition center (or VDNH, as you wish). 
The model that illustrates the ordinary shaft device and working conditions of miners, was built half a century ago. It was workable before the collapse of the Union and it has a lot of things to see: in addition to various exhibits, you could see the look of slaughter, various underground workings, mining equipment and a ride on the cage from the top of the mine.
Nowadays such an interactive museum would be priceless. But after the collapse of the USSR the layout gradually fell into disrepair and the mine was spoiled ... Now the layout from time to time is used for filming TV shows and clips; once it was even tried to grow onions :)

2. Andrew's Descent

The descent.
The church.
The famous Bulgakov's cat.

Kiev Montmartre, the famous street of artists and tourists, old fashion brand of the capital, one of its main myths. Everything here is exclusive, and most important! - Mysterious and legendary.
No wonder - one street light, little, it would seem, the area of space, but it integrates a priori mystical Bulgakov and alluring mysteries of Richard's Castle. And the very name of the street is shrouded in a haze of myth, connected with a beautiful legend.
Path-way from the top of the city (Mountain) down to Podol, which anciently took place on a slope between St. Andrew's and Castle Hills, has become the street only at the beginning of the 18th century. Specifically - in 1711, when by the call of Prince Dmitry Golitsyn (the governor of Kiev) the passage has been extended, and it was possible to go down not only on foot or on horseback, and in wagons and carts with horse or ox cart.
Today, in addition to antique shops and art galleries, theaters, museums, cafes and restaurants, the descent is also famous of completely unique attractions.

These are St. Andrew's church - a monument of architecture of the 18th century, Bulgakov Museum "Mikhail Bulgakov Museum", Castle of Richard the Lionheart - apartment house of the merchant Orlov in the style of English Gothic Revival.
And every monument is a legend.

3. The flooded ghost-ship of Kiev

Outside view of the mythic ship. 

Kiev has its own flooded ghost-ship.
70-meter long ghost-ship "Captain Ostapenko" in November drifted along the Dnieper without crew until it was moored by the Ministry of Emergency Situations near the Kiev island called Vodnikov.
The hull had sprung a leak, and it is partially plunged into the water.
When the river was covered with ice - it has pushed the researchers of Kiev city for the winter tours and excursions.

4. The Evolution of Troeschina

No less mystical and mysterious place in Kiev, which attracts people with special social status called - Gopnik!
Here I represent 3 photos which directly show the evolution of this area if Kiev.
Photo 1. The Troeschina village. 1 Flood of 1970s.
Till 1965 Troeschina streets had no names,
and only after the mid-60's they got the names,
which survived until now.
Photo 2. Buildings of the array in 1982.
To create a special residential area the sand was panned out
in one of the floodplains of the Dnieper. The result is
the largest sleeping area of Kiev
Photo 3. Modern Troeschina.

5. Kyiv cabaret kafeshantan Chateau de Fleur

"Chateau de Fleur" was part of the park - just
well-groomed alleys and beautiful flower beds,
restaurant, pub, summer theater and dance hall.
Invitation to the "Chateau de Fleur".
 A new park "Chateau de Fleur" received its first
visitors in May 1863.

In 1863 known throughout the Kyiv cabaret Kafeshantan 'Chateau de Fleur' was located on the place of the stadium "Dynamo". French exquisite cuisine, dancers, singers, artists and small orchestra. In the evening, fireworks and music, music ...

There is a lot of different information written about Chateau de Fleur. Some admired it, others - called dirty hangout. After 1917, Chateau de Fleur was destroyed.