1st of March! Ukrainian modern fashion!

Hello everybody! This is the 1st of March today so the season of fashion has begun! Let's discover the best and fashionable Ukrainian trends of 2016.

Embroidered clothing - is the best modern alternative to the traditional embroidery, it's comfortable and stylish!

 Embroidery (vyshyvanka) - a "must have" in the Ukrainian fashionistas wardrobe. Of course, the true handmade embroidered shirt done by master or from grandmother's trunk is the best option, but not everyone can afford Vintage "grandmother's" or embroidery design. But the alternative to an expensive embroidered - is embroidered clothes from Ukrainian producers, that everyone can afford. Furthermore, embroidered clothing - it is almost always true.

Male blue embroidery "Family Circle"
Women's embroidered shirt "Mother's Song"

Women embroidered T-shirt "Poppies and bells"
Every day there are more and more embroideries on the streets, in offices, shopping centers and even schools as part of the school uniform. Identity and diverse of a modern Ukrainian embroidery confidently conquers hearts and commitment of people in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.
Children's embroidered shirt with blue ornaments
Women embroidered T-shirt "Snowflake"
Women embroidered T-shirt "Red Roses"
Modern embroidered clothing has many choices of styles and styles of embroidery. Besides traditional and very familiar embroidered shirts, we can see young people in ethnic embroidered shirts and sweetshots that are perfectly in tune with jeans and casual wear.
Men embroidered shirt "Cossack cross"
Children's embroidered shirt "Poppies"
Women embroidered T-shirt "Red Poppies"
Men embroidered shirt "Family Circle"
Children's embroidered shirt "Pearl of the Carpathians"
Spring is here! Enjoy this beautiful moment with your friends and family in fashionable embroidered clothing!