7 ways not to be bored in Spring Kiev!

In recent years many new bars and restaurants were opened in Kiev. I think we can easily choose where and how to spend our free evenings. Even trips to the conceptual establishments with friends and drinking a cocktail cocktail often get you bored. I decided to answer the question of what to do in the evening, and offer seven ways without gastronomic entertainment component.

The tournament "What? Where? When?"

To play in the tournament - a great way to spend an evening with friends, train your brains and gain positive. Leader of the  game Onopriyenko Vitali says that CHHK (What? Where? When?) In Kiev started in 2013. The essence of the game is: there are 30 questions in the main round and teams answer them after a minute of discussion. After the results of this round four best teams go to the semifinal and play a brain-ring format. To try your hand and answer some of the questions you can using this link. On the 20th of February tournament will take place in smart-working "Garden" ("Sad").


The first offline quest-rooms were created in Switzerland and Hungary. Founders of these quests are considered Parapark and AdventureRooms. Subsequently, the game spread to the UK and US, and in 2014 began to appear in Kiev.
The essence of the game is: you and the team is shut in a room for an hour, during which you need to solve puzzles, find all the clues and codes to open the locks and get out. You can not use gadgets. Should not rely on physical strength, but on the erudition.
In Kiev, there are companies that develop scenarios and equips such quest-rooms. For example a "Zamkneni", which offers 24 ingenious plots in different parts of the city. Here you can even try to get out of the bunker during the apocalypse.
The cost is from 300 UAH up to 1000 UAH per one room. You can try to solve such quest-rooms:

Walkings through the city

If you enjoy walking through Kiev old courtyards, you should start from Volodymyrska street, 45A. In the arch of this building there is the House of Scientists, which in 1891 was the estate of Vladimir Kachala.
Near the area of ​​Leo Tolstoy on the street Krasnoarmeyskaya 14 you can see the yard with plaster pelicans. By the way, to look at them you can use the street Lutheran, 7/10 in the yard as well. These pelicans are German origin, because they were established by German prisoners who restored destroyed Kyiv after the war.
Another place to rest - is yard of a sundial in the street Gregory Skovoroda, 4. This watch is designed by math teacher of Kiev-Mohyla Academy Pierre Brulonom at the end of the XVIII century.
Another option to dive into the world of fairy tales - is Art Yard  at the Street Desyatynna 4/6 (after a small arch). Yard got its name from the painted facade. It is worth mentioning the house with hands, holding puppet. It is on the street. Horeb, 43 (entrance to the Parsun Gallery).

City studios

To alternatively spend your leisure time in the evening you can visit IZOLAB. It is Ukraine's first space where you can do any thing - from the chair to the microscope. Fab lab concept was developed in the heart of bits and atoms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The basic idea of fab lab - is to provide the conditions for creating unique things. IZOLAB was established in 2012 in Donetsk, then moved to Kyiv. In a digital studio you can make a plastic toy, micro-robot with a toothbrush and vibromotor and more. All this is possible due to the availability of tools and equipment in the studio.
Another option - HackLab, which is on the street Novokonstantinovskaya 1B. It is a space where ideas are transformed into things with different tools, machine tools, etc. As IZOLAB, this is not a commercial organization. HackLab is oriented on projects such as 3D-printers, brackets under the cameras or kvadrokopters.

And on the Lvivska street, 23 ProtoRoboLab is the studio, which is engaged in the creation and prototyping of Robotics.
Another interesting place where to go: Wooden Workshop from IZONE, which is on the street Naberezhno-Lugova, 8. It appeared last year in early September and became popular. This is the place where the workshops of lamp design are carried-out. You can also create a stool, floor lamp, table and much more. In IZONE there is a system of season tickets that give access to all studios.


Except of the famous "Kurynivski baths" in Kiev there are many others - for different tastes. In Facebook there are closed groups, where participants discuss the quality of services in bathhouses and agree on collective visit to the baths.
Bath «AROMA SAUNA» has two halls: Salt Hall and Hidro Hall. You can relax and improve your health at the same time. In Hidro Hall there is a swimming pool for up to four people. Also in the bath there are karaoke, games, massage, aroma oils. Prices of rooms start from 200 to 350 UAH.
Another bath - "Our bath" is in the Podolsk district, which offers a full range of services for relaxation. If you live in Svjatoshynskyi area, you can visit the "Ban'ka". This bath is designed for enterprise up to six people and offers a Ruthenian or Finnish steam room.
"Kuzmychivski baths" which is on Osokorki consist of two parts: a "cozy" (14 people) and "Family" (up to 6 people). There is a special offer "all inclusive" from 590 UAH / hour.
But in Bortnichi there is a bath called - "Chateau mystic." Visit of the n-bath on the wood is from 200 to 300 UAH per hour. The "Chateau mystic" is also a swimming pool with warm water. 
A striking example of another Ruthenian bath is a "Weeping Willow"(Plakucha Iva). Steam is made of liquid wood of eucalyptus and lime.

The master class or lecture

The evening is a great time to learn something new. For this it is necessary to visit the workshops. In Kiev, there is a lot of them, for example, in the art studio "Flashlight" you can take a master class in decorating picture frames "Mosaic Gaudi style" every Wednesday at 6 p.m. In the art studio "Blue Whale" you can learn the production of handmade chocolates. The knowledge how to prepare tasty and original culinary workshops can be found on the Prospect Peremogy 21D. Here each workshop is focused on the cuisine of each country. If you and your friends are vegetarians, then stay in the emergence of social media workshops on Veggy Happy Room. In Druzi cafe on Andriivsky descend 2D and Prorizna 3/5 from time to time there are workshops on animation and mosaic.

You can listen to lectures FOUND IN KYIV of cultural tourism project "Rider" in smart-working "Garden" on the street Dovzhenko 3 and learn about famous people of Kyiv. Lectures will be held from 16 February to 8 March (three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). In the cafe "Harms" you can listen to an interesting lecture on the history of Kyiv, organized by the magazine "Skyscraper" (Hmarochos) with the participation of historians and journalists talk about Kyiv at different times.

Table Games

In free space "Cyferblat" you can play a variety of board games: chess, mafia, table football. In "Chasopys" you can play Alias, Ukraine, Scrabbel or Activity.
Free space Pause offers even greater choice of games (Munchkin, Isle of fear, Ninja Burger). If you like spending time in shopping malls, you should go to the mall Metrograd (the first floor, entrance through CyberZone). Here is LifeZone, where you can play kicker, mafia, football and other board games (1 hour - 24 UAH, the minimum time is 15 min - cost 6 UAH).
For fans of tennis on the street Zhylianska, 146, there is the game space "Master."
And on the street of Leo Tolstoy there is antykafe Mr.Bukovski, named after the famous American writer late XX century Charles Bukovsky, and works at the bookstore "Litera". It has 30 popular table games, including "Game of Thrones" and much more.