Big Ukrainian Pyramids!

To see the pyramid, you do not necessarily need go to Egypt. On the territory of Ukraine in Poltava region you will find a pyramid-tomb of Zakrevsky dynasty which is builg according all Egyptian customs.

Ukrainian pyramid is located in the village Berezova Rudka, which once housed the estate of Zakrevsky. In the mid of the 17th century the estate was opened to the entire Ukrainian elite. Villa was repeatedly visited by such famous writers as Yevhen Grebinka and Taras Shevchenko. It was rumored that the famous Ukrainian painter and poet Taras Shevchenko was in love with Mrs. Zakrevsky. And Eugene Grebinka created in Zakrevsky homestead his masterpiece - the song "Black Eyes", which is so familiar to all Ukrainians. Ignatius Platonovich Zakrevskii while was in the service of Tsar Alexander III as an ambassador of the Russian Empire. He was often on mission in the country of the great pharaohs and brought out the various elements of the interior. He had managed to get an ancient statue of the goddess Isis. Egyptian sculpture of Ignatius Zakrevskii was installed at the entrance to his ancestral tomb.

In 1899 the 9-floor pyramid of Zakrevsky was built. The owner originally planned to harmoniously unite there two completely different cultures and religions. Once the walls of the pyramid were painted with quotations from the Bible and decorated with Egyptian frescoes. Walls tombs were equipped by Egyptian traditions - lime bricks were poured with a layer of cement which increased thickness in 30-35 centimeters. In the middle of the inner space of the pyramid of Zakrevsky a scripting pagan altar with a wooden cross with Savior depicted was installed. Above tribal tomb was also placed an iron cross. So Zakrevsky was buried in this pyramid.

With the advent of Soviet power on Ukrainian lands a nominal tomb was looted. It was repeatedly tried to bear. Almost nothing survived from the time of its greatness. Although now overgrown with moss and overgrown with wild ivy walls keep a secret of Zakrevsky. You can verify yourself how a pagan tomb is unusual among flowering garden in Poltava "province".

Berezovi Rudky Residents say that the pyramid has healing properties. If you go inside and stand in the middle, reading the prayer, you can heal all ailments.

To get to the village of Berezovi Rudky and see the pyramid of Zakrevsky you have to travel on the highway Kyiv-Kharkiv. At one hundred and thirty five kilometers turn left and you will see green gardens of park-estate.