National Reserve "Khortytsia" - information for tourists

National Reserve "Khortytsia" is one of the most interesting tourist sites in Ukraine, it is called the cradle of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks. For its enormous cultural and historical heritage, it was recognized as one of the "7 Wonders of Ukraine".

Now a reserve "Khortytsia" has a sustainable image of a research and recreational educational institution which entrenched features of the activity, initiative, creative association concerned over the "cradle" of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks - the island Khortytsia.

A general association efforts will apply at the national level the status of the island Khortytsia as historical and cultural national symbol and a center of the most popular international tourism. And along the way there are pretty good achievements, a vivid evidence of success in chosing the right way 50 years ago, is attendance statistics of tourists. Each year there is the figure of 250 000 visitors. People from all over the country, from near and far abroad want to come to Khortytsia and our task is to help them do it, and most importantly to preserve the island for future generations.

Accommodation and food

Hotels and motels

On the island Khortytsia:
  • SPA hotel "Pectoral" - tel. (061) 286-54-65; (099) 949-80-00, web-site
  • Hotel and restaurant "Khortytsia" - tel. (061) 286-53-85
  • Sanatorium "Zaporozhye Transformer Plant" - tel. (061) 270-33-05
  • Sanatorium "Zaporizhstal" - tel. (061) 286-53-12; 
  • Sanatorium "Dniprospetstal" - tel. (061) 286-53-96
In Zaporizhzhya city:

  • Hotel "Four Points by Sheraton» - tel. (050) -323-89-5
  • Hotel "Reikartz" - tel. (061) 228-44-90
  • The hotel "Ukraine" - tel. (061) 289-04-04
  • Hotel "Intourist" - tel. (061) 223-0-500; (061) 223-0-564

Restaurants and cafes

On the island Khortytsia:

  • Restaurant "Cossack yard" - tel. (067) 614-0-614; (061) 223-0-700;
  • National Club "Zaporizhzhya Sich" - tel. (061) 224-59-79; 224-79-79;
  • Cafe "Cossack garrison" - tel. (061) 701-24-81; (067) 619-50-60
  • Restaurant "National" - tel. 286-53-78; 212-79-59


Entrance fee for the independent review

  • Adults - 18 UAH
  • Children of school age, students (with student ID) - 9 UAH
  • Pensioners, the disabled (with credential) - 9 UAH

The lecture, lesson-excursion

The institution has the ability to provide service with a lecture and conduct lessons, guided tours for preschool and primary school age program "World Museum for Children". "World Museum for Children" - a series of 30 lessons, lectures which by means of theoretical and practical studies of the peculiarities Museum, beside children can more deeply get acquainted with the history of Ukraine and the history of their native land. The cost of one lesson 144 UAH for a group of 30 people.
time excurce - 45 min. time excurce - up tp 30 people. 144 uah

Maintenance in foreign language

The institution is able to provide travel services in foreign languages-English, French, Polish. (On request and the availability of free employee)
time excurce - 45 min. time excurce - any people. 108 uah

How to get there?

To get to the Museum of History of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and the historical and cultural complex "Zaporizhzhya Sich" you can either take a taxi or private car or by public transport. GPS coordinates - w. - 47.86023062 l. - 35.07139945. The cost of taxi is around 60 UAH.
There are also public marshrutka №48, 93, 45 which go from the railway station.

Working hours

Opening hours from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Off day - Monday
Museum Cossacks - on re-exposition

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