Observation platform - for lovers of panoramic views!

The most popular places in any city - viewing platforms. This is the first place where tourists flock to assess the scale of the city to see how the ancient architecture joins into modern buildings and, eventually, to leave in your memory own unique portrait of the city, in all its scope and grandeur.

Indigenous people also occasionally return to the place - just to remember that hometown is not only traffic jams on the way to work and boring entrances of residential areas. Well, who of those arrived from Paris will deliberately refuse to rise to one of the three viewing platforms at Eiffel tower? Or who of those visited Lviv has never heard of a "High Castle"? Meanwhile, residents and guests of the capital city were deprived of such places. No, of course, there are also several areas in Kiev where people traditionally flock to in search of a beautiful view.
For example, Vladimir Hill, Friendship between nations Arch, a viewing platform at the Mariinsky Park, the bell tower of St. Sophia and St. Michael cathedrals, Lavra Bell Tower. But with all of these places views are quite limited, though beautiful: either on the Left Bank, or on Trukhanov Island and part of Podil, whether on a small ceter. Fortunately, the situation has changed. Kiev, opened the first of its kind observation deck on the roof of one of the buildings of the residential complex "Alexander."
Historic Place Alexander Slobodka, where the apartment complex is located, itself is one of the highest places in Kiev. A 25-floor building will place the observation deck at a height of 100 meters in the central part of the city that will provide really large-scale panorama of the entire right-bank part of Kiev. And even the view from this site will not be as "festive", as, for example, a panorama of St. Andrew's descent from the Castle Hill (Zamkova Gora), this is the most complete view of the present Kiev - with all its ancient buildings and glass skyscrapers of business centers, streets and squares, new residential areas and infrastructure facilities such as "Zhulyany" airport.

Few interesting facts about the observation platform:
• A visit to the roof is 50 UAH. The price includes coffee, astronomical binoculars and WiFi.
• The observation deck is located on the roof of the building height of 25 floors.
• There are 3 of the same building next to this one, and all are connected to each other with two-level underground parking.
• Building height - about 100 meters.

How to get there?

Address - Chervonozorianyi Avenue, 4a. It is near the Sevastopol Ploscha. You can use numerous shuttles (busses, marshrutka) from the metro Shulyavska or metro Vokzalnaya  to get there.