Rivne: where to go and what to see

Rivne - is a city that is conveniently situated at the intersection of Volyn and Polissya. It is shrouded in legends of the glorious princess Nesvitska and Lubomirski and Ostrog families. It is linked with the fates of Oleg Olzhych, Olena Teliha, Ulas Samchuk ... deciding what to see in Rivne, you will notice a strange thing: it seems that the ancient architecture of the city preserves the secrets of the former owners.
History, culture, mix of past and present - it's all about Rivne. There are many choices of where to go in Rivne to make your leisure time interesting, fun and romantic! You can go wandering the city alone, can organize entertainment for children or the original dating - everything is easy to implement in the heart of Rivne.

The most interesting monuments of Rivne

In August Rivne will celebrate its 733rd birthday. During this time many monuments of culture and history and sacred buildings declined and revived here. Some of them deserve special attention, especially if you are getting to the city for the first time.

Monument to Maria Rivnenska: the origins of the city

Princess Maria Nesvitska (Rivnenska) - is the ruler of the city of 1479. More likely is that she gave a rise to future Rivne castle and got Magdeburg Law to the city. Princess could be a founder of the first (known now) Christian shrines in Rivne, a wooden church of Resurrection of Christ. Now, the magnificent Holy Resurrection Cathedral stands in place of the church.

Monument to Maria Rivnenska is located on the street Soborna, 113. At this point, by the way, during the technical work a unique discovery was found. Archaeologists and historians have found that there are the remains of unknown wall, whose origin dates back to 2-3 centuries BC. But this discovery, unfortunately, did not have major implications for the study of history of the city.

Swan Lake: The road to the revival of the castle

Swan Lake (or "Lebedynka") is located in the former palace of Lubomirski near Ustya river. Sometimes the palace is also called as the Rivne Castle. This area - is one of the most interesting in terms of Rivne area, and now archaeological research started here. March 10, 2016 it was decided that the program "Revive Castle in Rivne" aimed at finding remnants of Lubomirski Palace, will receive funding from the city.

Officially Swan Lake is located in the park of Youth (Park Molodi) at the corner of Dragomanov and Korolenko streets.

Church of the Assumption: feast antiquity

Wooden Holy Assumption Church in Rivne was built in 1756 without a single nail. It is in the the style of Volyn wooden architecture school. Until now, the sanctuary remained virtually intacted, although it is considered the oldest among surviving ancient sacred buildings in the city. The church preserved ancient images and books, including one of the icons which was painted in 1790.

Assumption Church, also called "Omelyanivska" (nearby there is the way to the village of Great Omelian) is on the street Shevchenko, 113.

Temple of St. Anthony: the sound of music

Rivne main Philharmonic (or organ hall) is located in the historic religious building - a Roman Catholic church, or the Church of St. Anthony. It has another name - the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The history of this church started back in 1858, when Prince Lubomirski wanted to see the shrine next to his own estate. In Soviet times, the church was desacrelized, this situation persists until today.

The building of the church you will find in the historical center of Rivne on the streer Soborna, 137.

Ulas Samchuk: a monument to the singer of Volyn region

Photo in the arms Ulas Samchuk - is a required element of the program of visit Rivne. This is one of the greatest sons of this land, which even could be a Nobel Prize for the trilogy "Volyn" if not for the Soviet regime 30s of the 20th century ... at least this is how the researchers of Samchuk creativity consider.

Ulas Samchuk Monument is located on Teatralna ploscha (Theater square) 1.

Amber Museum: sunny mood

Rivne amber museum was opened in 2010. Here you can see the beauty of the stones, which miraculously survived to this day. The age of the specific exhibits in the exhibition can be up to 40 million years old. And insects frozen in amber lived over 10 million years ago.

The museum is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the street Petlyury 17.
Weekend - Monday and Wednesday.
Tickets cost from 2 UAH, excursions - 10-20 UAH.

History Museum: lesson of history

History Museum in Rivne connects individual departments: nature, history, ethnography and art department. Each offers special programs not only for adults but also for young visitors. You should also ask the history of the building of the main corp of the museum. It housed male high school where Mykola Kostomarov and Panteleimon Kulish were teachers.

Shevchenko Park: botany lesson

In the central park of Rivne children can be interested in not only new attractions. Unique and rare plants and trees grow here, some of them have age of 150-200 years old. The Shevchenko park has much some interesting art objects, for example - Fountain "Hercules".

Rive Zoo: lesson of zoology

Rivne Zoo - is one of the most interesting zoological parks in Ukraine. It is inhabited by 150 species. Among them you'll see carnivores, primates, rodents ... Here you can see how tiger and lion are fed, you can take patronage over animal or make other good deeds. The zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., ticket price - 15-30 UAH.

Mototrek: lesson of physical education

For fans of physical culture, adventure sports and speedway in Rivne there are many attractions, among them - mototrek and the city stadium "Avangard". Here, among other things, not only sports regularly occur, but also music spectacles.

Restaurant «Jazz & Blues»: musical and delicious

The bar-restaurant «Jazz & Blues» - a Ukrainian and European cuisine, specialties and original cocktails. The owners invite lovers, promising couples romantic evening in an extraordinary atmosphere. In addition, the «Jazz & Blues» organizes many bright events - music and sports.