Sweet and salty Lviv!

Lviv from Max Okhrimenko on Vimeo.

Lviv traditional coffee

History sets the tone and taste. 1683 year native of Sambir (near Lviv) merchant and translator Yuriy Franz Kulchytsky was one of the heroes of the defense of Vienna from the Turks.
Kulchytsky who perfectly knew Turkish, made a daring espionage operation that has become crucial in lifting the siege of the capital of Austria. As a reward from the grateful Ukrainians Viennese guy was gifted 300 bags of coffee from the Turkish camp and home in the center of Vienna, where he soon established a  coffee house "Under blue flask."

So Coffee came to Central Europe. Subsequently, with the arrival of Austrian authorities in Galicia in the late 18th century, sweet tradition firmly settled and gained local color in Lviv.

Today Lviv - is a paradise for the sweet teeth. The city has dozens of institutions with excellent brew coffee and chocolate, they cook their own candy and sweets. As a tribute to tradition, most of cafes were decorated in the style of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy of secession era. In such places you're immersed in the time of Emperor Franz Josef.

Lviv traditional beer

If you ask a native Lviv citizen to introduce you to local cuisine and fuel, he will not torture you with stories about beer in Lviv began to cook in 1425; that the local brewery, built in 1715 and operates to this day, is older than the famous «Guinness»; in times when the city was part of the USSR Lviv beer big boxes were sent via special flights for Kremlin leaders in Moscow. Lviv inhabitants do not overload to much their guests with these glorious history facts.

However, they are still very dependent, to have left a good impression. And so the first acquaintance with Lviv will introduce you to one of the many Kneipp and successfully convince you to favor only large and small local breweries who brew beer without preservatives lives. In addition to beer you will be fed with local kitchen - this weird mix of traditional Ukrainian, Poles, Jews, Austrians, Armenians and other nations dishes. Many restaurants brew their own beer. You will have many interesting stories about Lviv Kneipp.