Ukraine's largest national park

Podolski Tovtry is environmental, recreational, cultural, educational, scientific and research institution of national importance. The total area of ​​the park is 261,316 hectares and it is the largest fleet of Ukraine.

Podolski Tovtry - was a former Barrier Reef, which was formed by colonial organisms that had lived in the seas of Torton and Sarmatian periods. It is pulled on the eastern outskirts of Podolsk Upland 200 km as pronounced shaft with multiple side branches. It begins in the Lviv region and traces towards Skalat, Kamenetz-Podolsk and further up beyond the Dniester in Moldova.
Tovtra "Crocodile"
Tovtry - the local name of rocky arc-shaped ridge, the height of which within the national park reaches an average of 400 meters above sea level. Above the surrounding plain this ridge rises to 60-65 meters. The Podolska part of Tovtry is most of the undulating slopes bulging. Some forms of Podolski Tovtry rise as an elongated shaft or cone-shaped hills. Transnistria part is rised highly densely dissected by deep canyon valleys of the left tributaries of the Dniester. Weathered and eroded limestone that are exposed on the slopes of the valleys, form exotic rocks of different shapes - columns, pillars, giant mushrooms or chaotic accumulation of boulders and boulders.
Canyon-shaped valley of Podolski Tovtry
The microclimate of Kamenets Transnistria is formed by Tovtry Ridge and canyons of the Dniester River and its tributaries. Therefore, there are special conditions for preserving rare and relict plants, including - most medicines. About 1,700 species of plants grow within the park. The presence in the park of old forests, open slopes and karst caves promotes the spread of predatory birds and bats. The Red Book of Ukraine includes 60 species of plants and 85 animals of those.
Transnistria rocks of Podolski Tovtry
Existing climatic conditions, a variety of landscape areas, valuable mineral springs, numerous monuments of nature, history, culture include the National Park "Podolski Tovtry" along with the Crimea, Carpathians and Transcarpathian to among the most promising of recreational areas in Ukraine.

Significant tourism and recreational value of Podolski Tovtry is due to the forests. Along with rivers and other water area they play the main role in the short-term rest of the local population and tourists. The park may be used for tourist and recreational purposes throughout the year.