Zmiyinyy island in Odessa!

The island is considered the most important in the Black Sea. Its location is outlined in Odessa Oblast Kiliya district. It is has settlement called Bilyy. Although the island is difficult for a comfortable life, the village has a post office, museum and even formal bank branch.

Island History

Yet historians and archaeologists do not stop to explore the island because new facts and evidences constantly reveal for them. According to the legend, the appearance of the island is due to the goddess Thetis. She raised this land from the deep seabed. The island was intended to her son Achilles.

A temple of Achilles-Pontarha was built in 8-6 century BC. Until now Zmiyinyy has experienced a long history: the Roman Empire, Byzantium, Ottoman Empire, Russian and even was part of Romania.

Today Island welcomes a lot of tourists. Holidaymakers prefer relaxing on the beach, which is jokingly called "Women". The bright sun and warm sea delight tourists every year.