15 beautiful terraces in Kiev, about which few people know

With the advent of the summer capital's restaurants have launched their summer tent sites on the sidewalks and lawns. Not always they amaze the people of Kiev, often preventing them from moving through the streets. It's not always comfortable to cozy eat in such annuals - here and there scurrying pedestrians, and the noise of cars will not give a chance to relax.

Ukrainian travel blog chose 15 terraces of the places of Kiev, which not every resident of Kiev knows. They do not interfere anyone, and have their own unique flavor - whether it's terrace on the water or terrace tables overlooking the Church.

Gastro Bar Klaipeda

Summer area of Klaipeda bar located on Shevchenko lane.

Cozy place is in a side street near the bustling Maydan. Here you can escape from the bustle of the city and taste the delicious Lithuanian beer (16 species), which are served in one-liter bottles or draft beer from Vilnius. There are plenty of beer hot and cold appetizers, snacks and desserts.

Address: Shevchenko lane, 1
Hours: Mon-Fri from 11:00 to 23:00; Fri from 11:00 to 00:00; Sat-Sun 13:00 to 23:00

Gnezdo Bar

Panoramic playground of Gnezdo bar on the Andrew's descent.

Find a bar can only those who are up to date: it is necessary to roll in the arch near the "Products" shop and go to the very depths - this is the "Gnezdo". First try to find a table near the large panoramic windows from which dizzying view of the steep slope opens. In the evenings, the trees are illuminated, lit lamps and lanterns, and from the corner a huge swan glances at you  - the owner of the nest (Gnezdo) into which you have climbed. In the menu: cocktails, hookahs and snacks.

By the way there is also furry inhabitant: cat Mitya, which is freely walking the place. Besides, Mitya is a happy mother of six kittens who are ready to be given in good hands of the visitors after a rigorous interview.

Address: St. Andrew's Descent, 21

Barbara Bar

Barbara bar Summer terrace.

A few days ago this bar has got a summer terrace located on the roof of the club Atlas. Works around the clock. Terrace is decorated with colorful lights, there are tables and seats with cushions. And while on Artem street trolley buses and taxis stand in traffic jams, here people slowly sip cocktails and listen to music.

Address: Str. Artema, 37-41

St. Murena

Summer terrace of the St. Murena on Yaroslav Val.

You step by one of the most beautiful streets of Kiev - Yaroslav Val, and having wrapped in one of the arches you can find an equally beautiful clean yard, where the summer terrace St. Murena is located. It's your choice - the usual tables, bean bags and sunbeds. Here leisurely smoke hookahs, try cocktails and arrive at business lunches. In the menu: noodles, rice, sandwiches, hot meat dishes, soups, salads and desserts.

Address: Yaroslav Val, 16
Hours: 12:00 to 23:00

Druzi Cafe

Druzi Cafe is on the Andew's descent.

In addition to a cozy café with a summer terrace in the courtyard on the descent, there is opened another one - on Proreznaya st. An approach of annual here is simple and tasteful: visitors are offered to lay directly on the green lawn near the entrance. All those wishing are given blankets and board games. The summer menu - strawberry dishes and drinks.

Address: lawn - on Proreznaya, 5; summer playground in the yard - on Andrew's descent, 2d
Hours: 9:00 to 24:00

One Love espresso bar

Summer terrace of One Love espresso bar on Velyka Vasylkivska st.

People come here to leisurely sip coffee, admire the Church of St. Nicholas, which stands before visitors in a very unusual perspective. Wooden tables and chairs as if folded of origami, beckoning them to sit on and admire how the setting sun's rays illuminate the thin towers of House of Organ Music.

Address: St. Velyka Vasylkivska, 100 (at the bottom of "Toronto-Kiev" business center)
Hours: 8:00 and until the last guest

«South bank of Kiev»

Playground of club "South bank of Kiev" on the bank of the Dnieper.

In place of the beloved by people of Kiev Angar beach on Trukhaniv island, a new club opens - "South bank of Kiev." Indoor playground is located on the bank of the Dnieper. Sitting here can be both at the tables and on the covered bar area, and right on the sand near the water.

Address: Trukhanov Island, 200 meters to the right from the pedestrian bridge, the ex-Angar Beach


Summer Playground of National Opera restaurant at Vladimir, 50.

National Opera restaurant posted a terrace in the park near the Kiev Opera House. Where you can dine before the show and join the theatrical life of the city. Dress smartly, they often host here themed parties and pet promotional offers.

Address: Str. Vladimir, 50

The restaurant "Belaya Dacha"

The restaurant "Belaya Dacha" at Brovarsky Avenue.

In a hot summer there is a wish to sit near the water, inhaling its cool. However, in Kiev, there are not so many restaurants with a river view and a platform in the water. During the day you can hide from the heat, and in the evening spend romantic times. The highlight of the menu - dishes prepared in the tandoor and on the open fire.

Address: Brovary Prospect, 11

«Crazy mama»

Summer terrace of rock-n-roll bar "Crazy (shalena) Mama".

One of the oldest bars in Kiev is centrally located on the right side of Shevchenko park. In the shade of the trees on the slope of lurking places there is a summer terrace, where you can always find a free table and observe the life of the city from afar.

Address: St. Tereschenkivska 4a
Hours: around the clock and seven days a week

Restaurant "Terrace" and "Dvorik"

"Terrace" on Vozdvizhenskaya.

Panorama "Terrace" is located on the roof of the hotel "Vozdvyzhensky". Also, you can sit at the tables on the garden slopes among the flowering shrubs. There are several locations, "Rose", "The stream" and the Welcome, created on the site of the old apothecary gardens of the XVIII century. In the evenings candelabra lit here and nightingales sing.

"Dvorik" on Vozdvizhenskaya.

"Dvorik" can be found in an arch near the main entrance to the hotel. Where you can hide from the summer heat and sit among the greenery at the fountains. Here treat with salad, burgers, hot dogs and ice cream.

Address: St. Vozdvizhenskaya, 60a (boutique hotel "Vozdvizhensky")

TRC "Gulliver"

Summer terrace of food court of mall "Gulliver".

Those willing to eat on food court at the shopping center on the fifth floor, can now do so on the outdoor terrace overlooking the city.

Hours: 10:00 to 22:00
Address: Ploscha Sportivnaya, 1-A

Club Avalon

The panoramic terrace at the club "Avalon" at Leontovich.

It is possible not only to go to parties and sing karaoke. The "Avalon" features a panoramic terrace, from which you can admire the neat Kiev houses and watch how life goes by while sipping a refreshing mojito.

Address: Str. Leontovich, 3

Slivki общества (toffs)

Summer terrace of confectionary Slivki obschestva on Zverinetska st.

One of the few terraces, where you will not find the smell of road smog, but only the freshness and scones. Here you can enjoy fresh pastries and desserts, and especially hungry are offered more substantial dishes: pasta, soups, hot appetizers.

Address: St. Zverinetska, 47