5 places to visit in the spring

1. Uzhgorod

The smallest, most remote and most secluded region of Ukraine with the atmosphere of old Europe, which is also called the capital of Transcarpathia, in spring it rolls in blossom of petals. Streets of Uzhhorod turn into pink blooming oasis. Cherry blossom lasts about 2 weeks and accounts for approximately late April - early May, depending on weather conditions. Besides cherry, there is magnolia in blossom, almond, wisteria.
The capital of Transcarpathia warmly invites to walk the longest in Europe linden alley on the waterfront along the river Uzh, visit the medieval Uzhhorod Castle, Transcarpathian museum of folk architecture, local old cellars where wine is stood, mysterious mountain rotunda, enjoy a coffee in a cozy café and experience the unforgettable aroma of spring Sakura on the streets.

2. Kyiv

May - the best month to visit Kyiv. At this time the streets abound have lush brown color. Interestingly, according to Kievzelenstroy in the capital, there are about 1 million chestnut trees. Luxury blooming chestnut trees have long been the calling card of the city, and the time of flowering coincides with the brightest spring holiday - "Day of Kyiv".
And in May, the National Botanical Garden named after Grishko this time is in lilac blossoms. Here are 180 varieties and hybrids that grow on an area of ​​almost 2.5 hectares. Total number of shrubs lilac is about 1500.

3. Kamenets-Podilsky

This city belongs to the cohort of those great for any weather and in any season. 
However, if you visit Kamenetz-Podolsk in the spring, you get an unforgettable experience - each year the festival of balloons is helf here. If you want to see Kamenetz from bird's-eye view, enjoy the grandeur Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress, feel the spirit of the Middle Ages - go to the festival "Towards the Sun". And on May 15 City Day is celebrated here ith so many diverse activities and surprises guaranteed.

4. Kirovograd Arboretum

In late April and early May in Kirovograd park, an area of 45 hectares, there are over 500 thousand blooms of tulips.
Colored tulip carpets attract thousands of tourists from all over Ukraine. Except of tulips, numerous hyacinths, muskari, violets, phlox, jasmine, hydrangeas, daffodils, lilies and many other flowering plants bloom in arboretum. Kirovograd Arboretum - is an incredibly beautiful place to relax, it does not inferior to the beauty of the famous parks of the Netherlands.

5. Lviv

In spring the western capital of Ukraine should be visited also. Lviv is always eventful. If you do not come here, will not be bored. May 2nd Lviv will celebrate its city day - a great opportunity to spend the May Day weekend.
In Lviv during the May holidays many events and festivities are held at the main market square. This year there is a happy holiday "Day Batyar", accompanied by interesting entertainment batiar songs, master classes of batiar dancing. The main parties in the central streets "Batyar Day" in Lviv are batjary - witty, gallant and romantic fighters, dressed in the fashion of a century ago. And for those who want to become Batyar and the guest of honor at batiar Kneipp, batiar Office officially dedicate you to batjary, a sign and you'll receive a nominal batiar certificate.
Lviv specialties in cozy cafes, interesting excursions, be sure you be given a good mood and unforgettable experience.