A hunting lodge in Zhytomyr region

This is a hunting lodge on the island.
Zhytomyr region, village Old Solotvyno, Ukraine

In the village of Old Solotvyn that is in Zhytomyr region, there is one very beautiful little island with local house. It looks really fantastic!

  • Where it all began: the island was created artificially in 1970 and was called "the island of love". A house itself was built later - slightly in 1985, but was called as "cottage of fisherman and hunter" and was used as a place where trophies were exhibited.
From the Old Solotvyn to Kyiv is 150 kilometers, so the road does not take much time. Especially if you have your own car.
Locals say that before there wasn't any wooden bridge to the island at all. Local undecided who now ownes this cottage. One of them suggested that it is on the balance of village council.