Courage Bazar in Kiev!

Courage Bazaar - Kiev monthly flea market from the creators of The New Old on the Art Factory Platforma,

We have collected for you only the coolest new Ukrainian brands and their "wow" products, as well as selective garbage collection of the coolest Kiev designers.

Accreditation and additional information and psychological counseling at or 093 826 3779
Together with them, all elderly, young and reckless kurazhists can take part in flash mobs, yoga for adults, workshops emotional balance and other memorable activity, but also help them in the construction of the summer cinema, which Garik Korogodskii helps to make. How it was last time, see in this video.

On April Courage Bazar get ready to relax and chilit with good old jazz. The best of the best in Jazz-scene will dance and sing for you. In addition, all two days our resident Dj - Timo Vitalik, Anton Ptushkin, Vnuk, Pantileev Anya Radionova and others will conduct the fest. Listen to how they play in our soundcloud.

This month Courage Bazaar coincides with an important date in the fashion world - 24 April #WhoMadeMyClothes. On this day the whole industry thinks about how human labor devalued in factories, and how to support people who are suffering from the world trend of consumerism. At our Courage Bazaar there will be a special area, and everyone will be able to join this global movement.

Still with us:

  • plumpy pugs from Pug Team Kyiv
  • updated children's area with a real Easter bunny
  • sporting activity from the studio physics and mathematics
  • teaching master classes from Kartata Potata and Dasha Malakhova for everyone.

Good food and drink can be taken from resident of the street food that will delight you with the speed and of course the variety.
Facebook page.

Working hours - from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. (one hour longer than last time)
Entrance fee - 50 UAH.
For pensioners, disabled people and children under 12 years - free entrance.

Art Factory Platforma
23 april - 24 april, from 11 a.m. till 8 p.m.
Belomorskaya st., 1

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