Mini-park of Tripoli culture in Kiev!

The park of Tripoli culture in the territory of MAUP university is represents the historical past of Ukraine, remote from our time for thousands of years (VI - III millennium before Christ). Small but charming park with marvelous sculptures, green grass - one of the favorite holiday destinations of MAUP students and residents of nearby houses.
Welcome greeting. Entrance to park
Type of Trypillian people
Tripoli civilization, one of the oldest in Europe, existed in the territory of the Eastern Carpathians to the Dnieper. Archaeological discoveries provide an opportunity to restore a circle constructed to strengthen an area of ​​500 hectares, at times 2-floors structure of the original design. Today, a large collection of painted and сorded сeramics, ritual objects, totem poles, replicas of temples, and more is assembled.

Benches in the park
Trypillian woman-mother
Increased proportions of female figurines of Trypillians are reproduced in the park. The centerpiece of the park occupies a fertility goddess Great Mother of all things, an image which affects the refinement of forms and ornamentation. Here you can also see totem of Trypillians - Taurus bull on wheels. Among the reconstructed monuments: the model of home of Trypillians, ritual utensils "binoculars", the layout of the temple and the samples of painted ceramics.

Trypillian house
The cozy park is a pleasure to spend time, and with the arrival of spring all these sculptures begin to radiate warmth and rest here becomes even more pleasant.