New 500 UAH banknotes in circulation!

From yesterday 11.04.2016 new UAH 500 were received in circulation. It is said the new banknotes will be more resistant to wearing. Meet :)

It is reported that as of April 1, 2016 there were 243,500,000 pieces of banknotes in economic circulation in denomination of 500 UAH.

"The new bill will replace worn and damaged 500-uah notes of the sample of 2006 that also are now in circulation. Banknotes model 2006 and 2015 will be in circulation simultaneously. Citizens do not need to exchange notes of the 2006 for new ones "- was explained in the National Bank.

Also today, the National Bank explained that Ukraine in 2015 1 million of genuine banknotes accounted 2.7 pieces of counterfeit.
The largest number of counterfeit banknotes recorded in 50, 100 and 200 UAH, 100 USD, 100 and 200 euros.
 The approximate number of counterfeit banknotes for 1 million. real, pcs.