Palestinian Culture Days in Ukraine!

April 4, with the blessing of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan of Kiev and at the invitation of Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Ukraine Dr. Mohammed Al-Asaad the celebration of the Days of Culture of Palestine in Ukraine was carried on.

The celebration, which was organized by the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Ukraine with the participation of Foundation "Sunflower", Arab House and the International Organization "MIR" intended to honor the blessed memory of the famous poet of Palestine, Mahmoud Darvish, preserving its cultural and poetic heritage.

Mahmoud Darvish work (1941, 2008) played an important role in the development of the Palestinian people, because his poems speak about the suffering of the Palestinian people and show its desire for peace.

Words of congratulations of an international cultural event were opened by Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine Rostislav Vladimirovich Karandeev and Ambassador of the State of Palestine in Ukraine Dr. Mohammed Kasem Al-Asaad.
Folk concert at the National operetta in Ukraine, which was attended by Palestinian and Ukrainian ensembles with concert numbers, was visited by government officials, leaders of religion, science and culture.

The event also served as an exhibition of paintings of a famous Ukrainian-Palestine painter - Jamal Bdwan, who also was the author of two big paintings of Taras Shevchenko and Mahmoud Darvish. Jamal Bdwan is famous by making the biggest painting in Ukraine.

Jamal Bdwan
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