Wealth of the small village Tomashivka!

Around the palace, using the natural landscape (wooded ravines and beams) the Khojetskys made a beautiful park. In Soviet times, the park came into decline, but modern inhabitants of the estate Khojetsky (monks) began to give way to the park, put a lot of sculptures, built aviaries for birds (including the ostrich) and around the estate built stone wall with large towers.

Tomashivka village is located 15 km north Fastov. The first written record dates from 1676 year. For a long time the village belonged to the estate of Kiev Metropolitan (originally Orthodox, then Uniate), but in 1795 became the property of the prince Grigory Dolgorukov. Dolgorukov in 1810 sold Tomashivka to a Pole Jan Khojetsky. Now more than 400 people live in a small village.