5 "countries" in Ukraine worth visiting

If you still can not afford foreign resorts, do not be upset. Ukraine is full of places that are very similar to famous places abroad. It turns out that our territory "fits" many overseas countries - from "wild" South Africa, finishing a distant country of the Sun - Japan.

1. Odessa "Italy"

A small town Vilkovo is inconspicuously situated on the south of Ukraine, 300 km from Odessa. Its name is inconspicuous and a town itself is almost invisible on a map, and only with a few thousand people. But there is one "but"; Vilkovo - it's city ... on the water! Yes, it appears that in our country there is also its own Venice. Instead of the usual streets and sidewalks - channels with the width of a few meters, where locals float with Ukrainian "gondola". And, for the sake of truth, it is worth noting that Vylkove's air is clean and fresh, unlike Venice's characteristic smell of mold.



2. Herson "Africa"

If you have long dreamed to go to a real African safari, Ukrainian Travel Blog hastens to inform that now there is no need to fly to another continent in search of exotic fauna! Near Kakhovka city, located 100 km from Kherson, you can enjoy the spaces of the territory of Askania Nova reserve. This is an unique corner of untouched nature with living conditions available to our wonderful birds and animals. Here you can meet camels, zebras, flamingos, antelope, llamas, steppe eagles, horses, cranes, bison, buffalo, saiga ... Such close contact with the world of fauna you will not find even in the Zoo: peacock proudly nurse very close, and to pet pony - just reach out your hand. Beware of camels! They don't not just spit in all directions, but may hit the target.


3. Uzhgorod "Japan"

Not necessarily to know or admire Japanese culture of anime to feel the love to Japan. While traveling in first days of May in Ukraine, you can not ignore domestic eastern oasis - cherry blossom in Uzhgorod. During this period, usually a fantastic landscape appears in all its pink glory, as in one of the scenes of the Japanese movie where the main character proudly walks down the avenue and gentle sakura petals shower her with pink rain. The sight for experienced aestheticians! If you visit the Dovzhenko street and Rakoczy, will see even more exciting picture - here white magnolia and violet are blooming with sakura.


4. Transcarpathian "Alps"

The majestic green mountains as if invaded over a white hat - such a similar sight you will no doubt find in the Alps. But in the Carpathians you will find something very special: from untouched nature, ending with the amazing hospitality of the locals. Surging rivers and mountain lakes, vast fields, enveloped in light haze and faint Hutsul melodies - truly magical view of nature perfectly complements the unique flavor.
But how to go to the Carpathians and not to see, Lake Synevir? It's like visiting Rome, having ignored  the Colosseum! The title of a reservoir locals explain with one beautiful legend - about the Count's daughter named Xin. Walking once again Carpathian spaces, she met a shepherd - Vir. As usual in such stories, young people love each other and began secretly dating. Having found out of this, a strict count was adamant: he ordered to  throw the shepherd off a cliff. Xin had long tears. So long as the whole lake. So there is something magical in this corner of nature. The water source is so clean that even at maximum depth you can see the bottom! And around - pine, fir, beech ... No wonder this place is called "the pearl of the Carpathians".

Зелене озеро

5. Carpathian "Holland"

Every year the Netherlands attracts millions of tourists to admire the famous Dutch daffodils. Did you know that in the picturesque Zakarpattya (Transcarpathian) you will find even more spectacular sight? Near the town Hust, which is most conveniently reached through Lviv, overcoming 300 km. But it's worth it! In early May, here in just a single night a miracle happens - huge green space is tuck in dazzling white flowering daffodils. Local explain this phenomenon with no less beautiful romantic legend. As you made clear the Carpathians are full of beautiful love stories.
And this legend tells of the love of a prince's daughter Rus and simple potter Ivanko. According to legend, once again to sign his tender feelings guy gave sweetheart a vase painted with daffodils. When a Prince figured it out he was strongly angry and threw gift from the high mountains down. The vase was shattered into hundred tiny pieces, and when the sun rose - everybody saw - a glade "blossomed" with a white carpet of daffodils. So beautiful legend lives on the lips of locals and picturesque valley every spring becomes a clear confirmation of it.