5 "countries" in Ukraine worth visiting (part 2)

Chernivtsi "Prague"

Oh, those beautiful streets of Prague! The beauty of old Europe is embodied in them. Stop-stop, but we have Chernivtsi! The city fascinates from the very arrival - a feeling that at night you moved for a few centuries ago. It awakens the desire to quickly see what has the city prepared. And it definitely will not disappoint you! First and foremost, UTB recommends a walk down the street Olga Kobylianska. This is a real pride of the city, which was previously inhabited by the most noble princes. According to legend, the street was even swept out by the roses.
Next you need to see in Chernivtsi - a national university. One of the oldest in Ukraine, among others. Externally it resembles most famous European universities: Cambridge, Sorbonne, etc. Having been in Chernivtsi, you can not deprive attention from majestic town hall and churches with frescoes. By the way, thanks to the historic influence of Austria-Hungary there are a great many of them! Also be sure to visit the huge central square of the Turkish well and look at the original house-ship.


Khmelnytsky "Ireland"

And having been in the Khmelnitsky region, it's like cross the ocean! When you reach the small village Bakota, beautiful green hills of Ireland with its rocky terrain will appear before your eyes. A height of charming landscape - the brilliant water surface. But, in the picturesque kind on the Dniester, this town has another feature - it is not on the map. A recalcitrant river is guilty in this - the tide has destroyed most of Bakota and its architectural monuments.
Now this name conventionally taken by the coast along the Dnieper River, where the ruins of the once majestic Monastery are. This town can be found in 50 km on east of Kamenetz-Podolsk. It seems that if God lived on earth, then only in these white cells, and if he drank water - then only from the springs of Bakota.


Cherkasy "Switzerland"

From Khmelnitsky region let's go in Cherkasy - continue our trip around the world! Only in 100 km from the capital, near the village of Buki there is one truly heavenly place that Ukrainians have long been nicknamed by "Little Switzerland". And all is thanks to Buky canyon a high rocky coast of which guards a calm of a mountain river Tikich. This landscape is surprisingly reminiscent of a Norwegian fjord! The most beautiful Buky canyon is in May - the nature is covered in bright green grasses and "decorated" with wild tulips.
Very close to canyon a noisy waterfall is located, but if you go a little further, you will see the ruins of an old mill, built in the nineteenth century. There are many flat areas for picnics, so if you have a tent - boldly take it with you.

Буки фото: Ірина Савіна

Ukrainian "Niagara"

You know what Ternopil region and the State of New York have in common? It is the presence of the majestic waterfall. However, our Dzhurinsky waterfall still remains in the shadow of his more "hyped" neighbor - Niagara Falls. However, visiting a small village Nyrkiv, you will realize that it's unjustly. Getting there is difficult, almost no public transport goes in such remote places, but by car it's possible - Nyrkiv is separated from Ternopil with about 250 km.
But this way has to be overcome for the beautiful scenery! This is one of the largest Ukrainian waterfalls, as much as 16 meters: stormy mountain water that makes noise on its way. A small bridge is paved through the stream and very close there are ruins of the Chornohorodska castle, so spectacular photos - are guaranteed. And if you do decide to get in this part of Ukraine, we suggest you bring a tent and bathing suits - you will not want to go  from here having spent just a few days.

Джурин фото: Stepan Сhopyk
Ніагарський водоспад

Ternopil "Germany"

But do not leave the Ternopil region after the tour to Dzhuryn waterfall. This southern corner included another picturesque town - village Zalischyky. On all sides a round piece of land is surrounded by the river Dniester, and only a small bridge takes to the land. Such a peninsula is right in the "heart" of Ukraine - 120 km from Ternopil! But the panoramic view - it's not all that Zalischyky can boast. In the city there are also things to have to look at.
For a long time the place was under the protectorate of Poland, and which owes its beautiful architecture, ancient church Schepanova, majestic estate of Prince Poniatowski, St. Trinity church. Why Zalischyky deserved place in our TOP of Ukrainian "countries"? 
The fact that it is a small village with a strikingly similar parts of Germany under the intricate name - Saarshlyayfe: a river Saar goes around a green hill of a village Orsholts - as in Zalischyky.