You can not miss it: 30 most outstanding events of May in Kiev

And finally the long-awaited warm and blossoming May has come. Be warned once, there are sooo many cool events, and most of them take place in one day, so choose carefully.

After a lull in the May holidays, life of Kiev will explode with a bang: do not miss the opening of the new and old summer playgrounds and clubs, concerts, festivals, food and wine, the Day of Kyiv, night flea market and bicycle ride.

Tulip Exhibition

Exhibition "Blossom River" will consist of compositions from 250 thousand tulips. The central alley was invented a special composition. There will be many installations, flower shops, easter composition and other creative forms of design. In addition, promising concerts, refreshments and entertainment for adults and children.
When: May 29 from 9:00 to 21:00
Where: Singing Field (Spivoche Pole)
How much: 30 UAH (children under 7 years and beneficiaries - free of charge)

Rockabilly Festival "Ukrabіllі Vibuh!"

This is an annual Ukrainian festival of rockabilly / psychobilly culture. April 30: WiseGuyz (Kharkiv / Simferopol / Zaporozhye, rockabilly), Freno De Pedales (Scythian Neapolis, psychobilly), Ruki'v Bryuki (Kiev, jump-blues & rockabilly), Outer Space (Kiev, psychobilly), The Troubled (Kiev , psychobilly), Smokin A- (Kiev, rhythm & blues). May 1: Ot Vinta (Rivne, ukrabilly), The Hypnotunez (Vinnitsa, shout-swing), The Twilighters (Kharkov, psychobilly), Shakin 'Guts.
When: April 30, May 1 and 17:00
Where: Atlas Club
How much: 120-350 UAH

Serhiy Zhadan and Dogs

Сергей Жадан и Собаки в клубе Atlas 6 мая.

The group will present their new album "Dogs" (Psy). "Psy" will be the fourth plate in the discography of the joint project, created by the famous Ukrainian writer Sergey Zhadan and rock group "Dogs in Space".

When: May 6, 19:00

Where: Atlas Club

How much: from 100 UAH

Concert Korpiklaani

Концерт Korpiklaani 7 мая в клубе Sentrum.

Citizens of Kiev are invited to evaluate the fiery folk metal from real Scandinavian Vikings. It is worth noting that this is illogical European music at the moment. Never before traditional Sami and Finnish music instruments - violin, flute, tin whistle, jouhikko, Torupilli, mandolin, harmonica - did not play heavy metal.

When: May 7th at 20:00

Where: Club Sentrum

How much: 450-900 UAH

Mayovka in Rancho "El Gaucho"

For 10 days, all the guests will get unlimited supply of different types of meat. On May 1 everyone will receive a compliment from the restaurant - Easter bread. The Mother's Day - May 8th guests will enjoy dessert, and May 9 compliment - tincture.

When: from 1 to 10 May

Where: "El Gaucho"

How much: 299 UAH

Info/reserve of tables: (044) 585-33-02, (096) 980-90-34 (044)

Holy Esque Concert

Концерт Holy Esque в клубе Sentrum 12 мая.

For the first time Scottish post-punk band Holy Esque will have a concert in Kiev. Holy Esque was formed in Glasgow in 2011. Frontment Pat Haynes and keyboardist Cyrus Rhode rose in post-war town of East Kilbride in Lanarkshire County, among the outstanding monuments of which - brutal architectural composition and boundless Scottish landscapes, so the band's music can easily mark this dichotomy - the transitions from peaks to valleys, high metaphoric lyrics and inevitable desire of escapism.

When: May 12 at 20:00

Where: Club Sentrum

How much: 230-500 UAH

Street Food Festival

Фестиваль уличной еды 13-15 мая на Арт-заводе Платформа.

The theme of the festival - Georgian cuisine. Before the two full days of the festival on Friday, as before, pre-party will be organized. They promise an abundance of all Georgian dishes - khachapuri, kharcho, chakhokhbili, vats Satsivi, khinkali, barbecue. Drink it all you will be able with the legendary Georgian wine - Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Hvanchkara. There will also be mulled wine and grog, glyuvayny, glёgi and punches. Apart from Georgian cuisine, you can try another street food from different countries.

When: May 13 from 18:00 to 23:00, on May 14-15 - from 11:00 to 23:00

How much: 50 UAH for one day entrance

Multimedia exhibition "Impressionism. All faces”

In the program - animated pictures with thematic musical accompaniment, thanks to which everyone can feel himself not just as spectator, but part of the story. You will be represented digital projection of paintings masterpieces of Manet, Renoir, P. Cezanne, Monet, Pissarro, C., P. Signac, Paul Gauguin, V. Van Gogh and other artists. One audio-visual space created by a 52-projectors and unique technology A-Sense gives a real sense of presence and gives visitors an unforgettable dive into the fantastic world of shining colors and poetic images of Impressionist art.

Musical accompaniment, including both masterpieces of classical music, and melodic compositions by contemporary authors, create a unique mood, highlighting the diversity and characteristics of each of the artists.

When: from 1 May, daily from 10:00 to 22:00

How much: 50-90 UAH, buy a ticket online. Contact: (067) 344-69-99

Concert of Ivan Dorn

Концерт Ивана Дорна 13 мая в КВЦ

Creativity of Ivan Dorn - an experiment in different styles of music: rap, funk, neo-disco, house. At his solo concert a musician will perform the brightest and favorite hits.

When: May 13 at 19:00

How much: 500-650 UAH

Outlook Festival

Outlook Festival в клубе Atlas 13 мая.

Event - one of the largest festivals of underground music of different directions, from drum 'n' bass, reggae, dub, hip-hop and garage to house music, techno, and other electronics. Festival takes place in late summer in an abandoned fortress near the town of Pula (Croatia), and before that it travels around the world for the whole spring.

When: 13 May 23:00

Where: Atlas Club

How much: 199-549 UAH

Festival Comic Con

Фестиваль Comic Con 14-15 мая в Украинском доме.

In addition to the parade of Kiev citizens, whiwhoch will be dressed in costumes of favorite superheroes or characters of computer games, a lot of surprises are prepared. Program includes 3 sections: games, comics and literature.

When: May 14 and 15

How much: one day - from 170 UAH, for two days - from 250 UAH

Kyiv vegan boom

Participants of the festival present their products or services that were created without causing harm to none of the living inhabitants of our planet. The live performances of Ukrainian and foreign musicians will take place within two days of the festival. For children a special area will be reserved.

When: May 14-15, 11:00

How much: voluntary contribution of 100-350 UAH

Concert of Benjamin Clementine

Концерт Benjamin Clementine 14 мая в МЦКИ (экс-Октябрьский Дворец).

One of the most important British artists. Mercury Prize 2015 Award Winner for the Best Independent Album of the Year. His "weapon" arsenal consists of piano, fingers playing with the speed of light and dense voice which sinks into the soul.

When: May 14 at 19:00

How much: 500-1850 UAH

Quest room "Secrets of Hogwarts"

You and your friends will be closed in the room where you will plunge into the world of magic and sorcery. The task - to solve all the mysteries, find the key and escape from the room. You try on the mantle and learn a few spells, learn magic with the help of a magic wand, will pass the course of "Potions" and fight with the Dark Lord. For members, there are two independent and interesting quest lines: adult, from 14 years to the level of complexity of "high"; Children with lightweight tasks, participants from age 10 to 14 years. The number of participants in a team is from 2 to 5 people. The task is not simple, but Dumbledore is counting on you.

How much: 400-600 UAH 

Concert of СБПЧ

Концерт СБПЧ в клубе Sentrum 14 мая.

"Most large prime number"(СБПЧ) - one of the most unpredictable teams in the new Russian music. Musicians will perform hits from the new and old albums.

When: May 14 at 20:00

Where: Club Sentrum

How much: 200-250 UAH

Non Kids Music

Недетская музыка в Доме Кино 15 мая.

Chamber Orchestra "Virtuosos of Kiev" and a consummate jazz musician Ruslan Egorov will play an unexpected program. Merry spring mood ensures the execution of the compositions of the favorite movies and cartoons: "Chip and Dale", "DuckTales", "Just you wait", "Rocky", "Diamond Hand", "Ghostbusters" and other familiar tunes.

When: May 15 at 20:00

Where: House of Cinema (Kiev, Shevchenko district, street Saksaganskogo 6)

How much: from 100 UAH, buy tickets online

The opening of the new concert hall. Patrick Wolf

Открытие новой концертной площадки Roof 19 мая. Концерт Patrick Wolf.

The main feature of the new location - the location on the roof of a nine-floor building, which is next to the club Atlas. Together with Wolf Kalperniya Addams - musician, transgender, which fights for the rights of sexual minorities will go out on the stage.

When: May 19 at 19:00

Where: Roof (Street Sichovyh Striltsiv 37/41, 9 floor)

How much: from 300 UAH

Tattoo Collection

Tattoo Festival will please the participants and visitors of non-standard show program of the festival, new faces in the world of tattoos, unique works of masters, who will be nominated in a competition with prizes, as well as interactive show of bikers, musical performances of teams and a variety of other surprises. On the site you will be able to meet interesting people of art, make a keepsake tattoo or piercing.

When: May 20-22 from 11:00 to 20:00

How much: 100 UAH for one day; 200 UAH - two days

Concert of Public Image Ltd

Концерт Public Image Ltd в клубе Atlas 20 мая.

Group was created by John Lydon after his departure from the Sex Pistols in 1978. Public Image Ltd is believed to be an ancestor of post-punk and one of the most influential groups of the modern rock scene. PiL was something surprisingly new to British post-punk scene, not only that they are the ancestors of the style of "post-punk" music Public Image Limited at times formed a completely crazy combinations, and although some of the fans of the Sex Pistols "flowed" into a new group, yet the bulk of the fans PiL was rather bohemian, people with more eclectic tastes.

When: May 20 at 19:00

Where: Atlas Club

How much: 230-500 UAH

Street Music Day

День уличной музыки 21 мая в Киеве. Фото

Street Music Day was coined in Vilnius by a musician Andrius Mamontovas and conceived as an ordinary flash mob, but its popularity has spread to other countries, including Ukraine. In our country, the celebration will be held for the third time. Volunteers, sponsors, partners, people with points of street food, and, of course, musicians of all genres are invited to participate.

When: May 21 from 12:00 to 23:00

Where: Landscape alley, area in front of the Historical Museum, Kontraktova Square, Square of Heavenly hundred (Nebesnoyi sotni), St. Michael's Square

Classic in the forest

Классика в лесу 21 мая.

For the first time Kiev will hold a concert of classical music in the forest. On this day, you are invited to escape from the bustle of the city in a wonderful place, where the sounds of classical music will combine together with the sounds of nature. Svitlo Concert prepared a light summer program of works by great authors. This evening Tchaikovsky's, Strauss, Vivaldi and other equally wonderful composers will sound here. Playing chamber orchestra "Virtuosos of Kiev."

When: May 21 at 20:00

Where: in the forest (how to get there, what to wear, what to be prepared can be found here)

How much: 250 UAH, buy tickets online

Strichka Festival

Strichka Festival 21 мая в клубе Closer.

Kievans are invited to a big music festival in a homely atmosphere of Closer art center, which will last for one night (and then the whole day on the dock). The program includes modern electronic music in its various manifestations, from 20 artists. Opening the festival will be marked with Live from Alva Noto and Murcof and traditionally takes place in the evening in the courtyard of the factory. The dance area will open at midnight.

When: May 21 at 20:00

Where: Club Closer

How much: 20,00 € + 2,50 €

Concert of Alai Oli

Концерт Alai Oli в клубе Atlas 21 мая.

The group will visit the capital of Ukraine within the tour, timed to coincide with the output of the 5th studio album "The balance and depth." Release of 2016 year, it is a completely new stage in the life of the collective, marked with a change of sound character, updating the approach to creating music and lyrics. The cause of all external changes lies in the inner philosophical regeneration of the group.

When: May 21 at 20:00

Where: Atlas Club

How much: 250-650 UAH

Concert "Агонь" (Fire)

The group involves three former participant of Quest Pistols. This creative alter ego of Anton Savlepov, Nikita Goryuk and Konstantin Borovsky intends to re-open fire and attack the senses of viewers.

When: 26 May, 19:00

Where: Atlas Club

How much: 190-1200 UAH

Start of Boom boom boom parties

Старт вечеринок Boom Boom Room на Арт-заводе Платформа 27 мая.

The club will be changed beyond recognition. Unchanged remain only two things: the atmosphere on the dance floor and the best music of guests and residents. The honor of opening this event belongs to the artists that Kiev was waiting for a long time - Fritz Kalkbrenner. Fritz's voice - live the emotions and the soul of the German tech-house scene.

When: 27 May 23:00

Where: Art Zavod Platform

How much: 200-400 UAH

Kurazh Night Market

The first warm May night here will be met with good music, delicious cocktails and friends. Friday - sell and buy, fun, drinking and dancing right up into the night of Saturday. Saturday evening begins with "Night Market Day Two" with the transition to Sunday brunch at 12:00 from the residents of Street Food, and complete sale of the remaining goods.

When: 27-29 March (Fri - 16: 00-02: 00, Sat - 16: 00-02: 00, Sun - 12: 00-20: 00)

Where: Art Zacod Platform

How much: Friday, Saturday - 70 UAH. Sunday - 50 UAH

Bicycle day

Велодень 28 мая.

Kievans are invited to drive a large bicycle parade on the central streets of the city in order to draw attention to the need to create safe conditions for the movement of cyclists. The format of the festival remains the same: gathering by region, then a trip to the central European square, where all come together in a large column and will start at 10:00. Also promises a surprise - the continuation of the festival, which will be known later.

When: May 28, 9:30

Where: European square

Participation is free

Kiev Wine Festival: sea and wine

Киевский фестиваль вина: море и вино 28-29 мая на ЮБК.

Light sparkling and rosé wines gently intoxicating will become the leitmotif of the festival and the perfect culinary combination is created thanks to the abundance of seafood, brought specially from the sea coast. Also according to tradition there will be a lecture area in which experience will be shared by the best Ukrainian sommeliers, winemakers, wine experts and restaurateurs. Dress code - white.

When: May 28-29, 11:00

How much: 50 hryvnia, a glass in a gift


UAmadeFest Софийская и Контрактовая плошади 28-29 мая.

The program includes the celebration of the Day of Kyiv, shopping, gifts, and everything you need to open the hot season, dance, swing, festive food court and concert program.

When: May 28-29

Where: Sofia and Kontraktova squares

Free admission

Chestnut Run

Пробег под каштанами 29 мая. Старт - Михайловская площадь.

There will be five types of the run - "Sportsmen" (4.7 kilometers), "Run in the walkers" (10 meters), "Children" (300 meters), "Race of courageous" (for participants in wheelchairs/300 meters) and "Charity race" (5 kilometers). All proceeds go to purchase equipment for the Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery of MoH Ukraine

When: May 29, 10:00 AM

Where: St. Michael's Square

How much: 100 UAH deposit (register)