Best places to sunbathe in Kiev. Let's go to the beach!

If the weather whispers, go to the beach, soak up the sun, this does not necessarily require to leave the burning capital city. In Kiev, and near there is plenty of places with pools and landscaped beaches where you can swim, lie back on a sun lounger and drink icy cocktails.

We have prepared an overview of the most interesting, in our view, places where you can sunbathe at your leisure, without fear that something will break your peace or someone will come on your head. It is cozy, not crowded and very sunny. Importantly, do not forget your swimsuit, reliable cosmetic product for protection against UV rays and to switch yourself to a complete rest.

5th element

The club of healthy pleasures "5 element" has a summer terrace with the size of a football field, where you can find an open air swimming pool, sun loungers, outdoor food area, the club restaurant and playground for playing beach volleyball. Sunbathe here is available only the owners of the club card of the "5th Element" - annual or summer (for 3 months).

Where it is: Str. Electricians, 29-A

Contact: (044) 351 77 33

Hours: from 7.00 to 23.00


The ranch "Bolivar", located 30 km from Kiev on Odessa highway, you can not only swim, sunbathe, but also try horse riding, try yourself in the ropes course, paintball, shooting at a shooting range, stay for a  night at the hotel and have dinner in a restaurant.

Where: Vasilkovsky district, Zdorovka village, Str. Shchorsa, 114

Contact: (050) 352 53 87

Hours: from 10.00 to 21.00

Boutique hotel SPA

There are 4 swimming pools here: "Yenisei", "Ontario," "Baikal" and an outdoor children's pool, and also 3 hot tubs, a term-font, hall thermal relaxation, a winter garden, a seating area near the water, a gym, an extensive spa area, several kinds of saunas - all for complete relaxation. An important caveat: 2 pools of 4 are with salt water.

Where: Vorzel, ul. Gorky 24

Contact: (04597) 4 80 48; (04597) 4 80 49; (067) 403 54 61

Hours: 8.00 (9.00 weekends) to 02.00

Two beavers

Country complex with houses, restaurant and sandy beach is located around the picturesque lake, 26 km from Kiev on the Zhitomir highway.

Where: Mila village, Street Komarova, 91

Contact: (067) 233 38 08, (044) 207 91 07

Hours: from 11.00 to 23.00

Dnipro Riviera

The family restaurant with its own private beach and swimming pool for children - relax without leaving the city.

Where: Zhukov island, st. Lutneva, 58-K

Contact: (044) 331 68 11, (067) 307 17 77

Hours: from 10.00 to 23.00

Princely Court

Swimming pool - part of the hotel-restaurant complex, where there are 3 small hotels, country restaurant, the opportunity to go fishing, football field, billiards, bowling and other fun.

Where: Brovarsky district, village Knyazhychi, Str. Stogniya, 39-39A

Contact: (044) 277 29 00, (067) 507 43 96

Hours: from 9.00 to 21.00


Recreation center with modern wooden houses, log cabins, 2 swimming pools and a private beach.

Where: Vyshgorodsky district,. Glebova

Contact: (050) 331 77 24

Hours: from 9.00 to 21.00

Beach Club

Beach recreation area in the city - on Zhukov island. In addition to the beach with sun loungers and parasols, there is a bar and a restaurant, volleyball, football, table tennis. On weekends, there is children's club.

Where: Kiev Zhukov island, st. Lutneva, 58-A

Contact: (066) 450 72 38

Hours: from 10.30 to 22.00


Another country restaurant with a great pool. Here you can enjoy a lot of things to do, to amuse the tasty dishes, well sunbathe, swim.

Where: Stolichnoye Shosse 70

Contact: (044) 259 17 00

Opening hours: from 10.00 till the last client

Old Vienna

The hotel complex near Kiev in Koncha Zaspa is famous not only for its hotel, beach, pool, gourmet cuisine, and yachting harbor. The hotel features a sailing school, founded by world and European champion in the sport Rodion Luka. The beach area is equipped with, as expected, deck chairs, umbrellas, there are water rides, children's area.

Where: Obukhov district, Concha Zaspa Damba, Street Starokievskaya, 22-A

Contact: (044) 520 81 24, 520 81 25

Hours: from 10.00 to 22.00


Swimming pool (25 m) is located in the recreation center "Trukhanov island". In addition to the core, there is a children's pool, a pool with a slide and an indoor sandy beach.

Where: Trukhanov Island

Contact: (044) 279 80 29, 279 80 47, (050) 353 41 09

Hours: 10.00 and 20.00

Biruza Beach Club

Beach complex "Biruza" is located in the eponymous suburban apartment complex. In addition to a large swimming pool with crystal clear water, there is a restaurant (Turkish, European, Japanese cuisine), 2 bars. It is possible to relax near the pool on the sun loungers in a bungalow. In the evening, there are loud parties, and in the afternoon you can use brazier zone services. Animators are engaged in babysitting and children's entertainment.

Where: Obukhov district, village Pidhirtsi, St. Ozernaya, 1

Contact: (044) 353 63 36, (093) 323 76 76

Opening hours: from 10.00 till the last client

Bora Bora Beach Club

Two swimming pools, sun beds, terrace with bungalows, restaurant, dance floor, live palm trees, parties - all in the best traditions of good beach resort. For lovers of active holidays - beach volleyball and jet skis.

Where: Kiev, metro Hydropark, a beach "Youth"

Contact: (067) 353 34 54, (050) 373 55 88

Hours: around the clock

Сity Beach Club

This beach is on the roof of «Ocean Plaza» shopping center with two swimming pools, sun beds and individual beds for the company of 4 people, a restaurant with author's cuisine. Open until the last customer: it is possible to start sunbathing in the morning, you can stay there until the evening, and even for the whole night - view of the city from the roof is wonderful, and the beach is transformed into an open-air nightclub. The vibrant music, cocktails, good company - what else you need to relax!

 Where: Str. Gorky, 176

 Contact: (066) 629 55 55, (067) 453 50 50

 Working hours: from 09:00 till the last guest

Grand Admiral Resort&SPA

Pine trees forest, the territory of 23 hectares, a lot of fun for adults and children: swimming pools, restaurants, a spa area, horse, an extensive children's part. The water zone is represented by outdoor pools, waterfalls and a Jacuzzi.

Where: Irpen, st. Varshavskaya, 116

Contact: (067) 448 68 98, 393-33-60

Hours: 9:00 to 23:00


Fish Restaurant & Resort positions itself as an institution. Here, in addition to the restaurant, there is a beach (on the shore of Blue Lake) with sun loungers and parasols, swimming pool, trampoline for children, tents, summer terrace. It is located in a half-hour drive from the capital - in Pidhirtsi. "Lobster" covers an area of 7000 square meters, and in the evenings, as well as many other beach resorts, it is transformed into a solid party-zone - an open-air nightclub.

Where: Pidhirtsi village

Contact: (067) 555 25 25

Olmeca Beach Club

Beautiful outdoor swimming pool, comfortable beach, a gourmet restaurant, and even fitness equipment - this is what awaits you at the beach complex «Olmeca Beach Club», part of the network of institutions "Our map" by Nikolay Tishchenko. Location of the club is also quite good - both in the city and "close to nature" - on the banks of the Dnieper.

Where: Kyiv, Dolobetsky island, water park

Contact: (067) 445 63 52, 232 22 44

Hours: around the clock

Olympic Village

Private beach of the complex «Olympic Village» pleases by its view and surrounding beauty. Beyond the beach, the complex has a hotel with a spa area, a beauty salon, swimming pools, tennis courts, squash classes, gym, fishing, golf soccer and volleyball. Restaurant with European cuisine is attached. The beach has sunbeds, beach lovers are offered a basket, and the families and companies - bungalows.

Where: Novoobuhovskoy highway, 26 km

Contact: (044) 360 36 36, (067) 656 36 36

Hours: from 9.00 to 20.00

Tsarsky City Resort

The resort is gated in the center of the city - a place of pampering, luxury and pleasures, including the beach. There are several pools: indoor, outdoor on a summer area, children's, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a spa area and a restaurant. A visit to the complex is available to owners of club cards (for the period from 1 to 12 months).

Where: Str. Staronavodnitskaya, 13-B

Contact: (044) 227 77 99

Hours: 7:00 to 23:00