Places worth visiting in Odessa this summer!

Summer is knocking at the door. A long-awaited rest period will come in just a few days. Have you already planned your holidays? If not, Ukrainian Travel Blog has a great option for you. We offer to spend a weekend in beautiful, sunny city of Odessa. The city is full of warmth, interesting locations, flavors of the sea. Bustling market combined with elegant avenues. It's impossible to be sad in this city, it's the capital of humor, and everyone knows that it is best.

Potemkin Stairs 

Begin the journey from the Potemkin stairs, which is one of the most known attractions of Odessa. They were built in the middle of the 19th century, as legend says, because of the grand feeling of love of Prince Vorontsov to his wife Elizabeth. Prince ordered to build a ladder as a gift to his beloved. The project employed two brilliant architects Abraham Melnikov and Franz Boffo. Potemkin Stairs are numbering 192 steps and they are one of the ten most beautiful in the whole Europe. They lead to the Primorsky Boulevard.


Climbing the stairs will immediately take you to the seaside boulevard, which offers a magnificent view of the marina. Boulevard is called Pearl at the Black Sea. Here you will see the famous monument to Duke de Richelieu. He emigrated from France and was the first mayor of Odessa, who contributed to the flourishing city. Also, walking along the boulevard, you can see the museum under a glass dome, which is the ruins of the ancient Greek settlement.


One of the most beautiful buildings can be named Odessa Opera House. It is the oldest opera house of Ukraine dated 19th century. The building is made in the style of Viennese Baroque. Foreign architects F. Fellner and H. Helmer were working on this artistic masterpiece.

The exterior of the building is very beautiful, it is difficult to imagine what's inside. And there's just unreal beauty. The main hall is made in the style of the late French rococo. It is made so that a whisper can be heard from every corner from the stage . Be sure to visit it.

Vorontsov palace

In the past it was residence of the Governor-General Mikhail Vorontsov, built in 1826. The palace was designed by a known Italian architect F. Boffo. Nearby there is a gazebo - Colonnade Vorontsov Palace.

Deribasovskaya street

It is best to know the city walking by a central pedestrian street of Odessa. Here you will plunge into the local unique flavor. Deribasovskaya has many cozy restaurants, cafes, boutiques and hotels. Buildings of the streets took place mainly in the 19th century. These buildings have survived to the present day, have been visited by known personalities of world importance. Nearby there is the legendary city garden.

A major architectural monument which is considered the visiting card of Odessa is Odessa Passage, built in 1898-1899. The architecture perfectly combines Passage baroque, classical and modern, but the highlight of the building is a glass atrium. The complex is more like a museum than a shopping center.

Ostap Bender Square

Square on the street, incompatible things, right? But in Odessa, everything is possible, because the Ostap Bender Square is located on Deribasovskaya street. And the uniqueness of it is that it is the smallest in the world, occupies only 5 square meters. Named after the famous hero of the book "12 chairs", authored by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. Place is a small pedestal with a monument in a chair from a novel. All the tourists like to take photos on this chair, almost everyone who visited the city got a photo.

Walk of Fame

This is a  Memorial complex to defenders of Odessa, who bravely fought during the Second World War. It is located in Shevchenko Park. The task of the Walk of Fame is to honor not only the fallen, but also remind how terrible and unnecessary the war is, and that it is not worth any precious human life. At the end of the Walk of Fame there is a monument to the Unknown sailor, created in honor of the sailors who never returned home. 21-meter obelisk was designed by Topuz, Tomilin and Naruzetskyy. The tourists come here to see the panorama that opens to the sea from a height.

Vorontsov lighthouse

The first thing that greeted the ships arriving at the port, was a lighthouse. Lighthouses are kind of marine lights to ensure the safety of water transport. In 1845 on the orders of Admiral Mikhail Lazarev Vorontsov Lighthouse has been built. It is on the edge of the offshore breakwater. This place was not only a strategic target, but the attraction, which attracts visitors and residents.


An interesting industrial monument of the city is the local port. It is the largest in Ukraine. The port of Odessa is a mini-city in the metropolis, with its station, open-air museum, art gallery, yacht complex, hotel and, of course, the port of specialized equipment. On the territory of the giant sea excursions are held.

Odessa is a city in where you want to go back and dive into the unique atmosphere created by local residents. Quickly finish all your business and go for travel!