The most striking events of June in Kiev

The first month of summer, so it is important to to spend it in order not to regret the time wasted. UTB responsibly declares: in June there are all possibilities for this, even if the holiday is not soon.

Keep this guide for yourself for the most striking events of the month and plan your leisure time in advance in order not to miss anything. On the program: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, film screenings and more.

Festival "Arsenal of Ideas"

The interdisciplinary educational project for children, adolescents, youth and family visits, an interactive exhibition and the presentation of new educational trends, projects and programs that will interest a wide range of professionals in the field of education and science, culture and museum affairs, representatives of the social sphere, civil society organizations and initiatives.
The festival will feature such areas as: museums, science, education, literature, theater, music, media, sports, tourism, gaming and intermuseum.
When: from 1 till 5 June
Where: Mystetskyy Arsenal

How much: 30 UAH

Mujuice. Amore & Morte

Mujuice. Amore & Morte 3 июня, 19:00
Over the past five years, Roman Litvinov (Mudzhus) was the first to arrive in Kiev to dissolve the capital's audience in his new album, Amore e Morte.
The album Amore e Morte was a continuation of "vocal" period of creativity Mujuice. In addition to songs from the new album tracks from previous releases will feature
When: 3 июня, 19:00
Where: ЮБК (YU B K)

How much: 350 UAH

White Nights

The party will be held again on the art factory "Platform": there will be 8 dance flors, 80 DJs, live bands 15, 30 bars and 50 best participants of "street food". Special guests of the party - the iconic British singer and DJ SONIQUE and Yann Destal of the acclaimed group MODJO directly from France, will also star Ukrainian contemporary scene - ONUKA, CEPASA and other. 
When: 3-5 июня
Where: Art-factory "Platforma"
How much: 200 грн

Concert of The Erised

Концерт The Erised 3 июня, 19:00
On the morning of June 3 The Erised will present on the network and on the radio their new album Room 414, and in the evening, everyone will be able to hear the songs live in the open air. All tracks of the album are unique, and the story told in them, changes and surprises every minute. Entrance to the concert is free. 
When: 3 июня, 19:00
Where: concert area Roof 
Free admission

Everyone is here. Gastronomy

Все свои. Гастрономия 4-5 июня
This time the event is gastronomic. 2 floors and 100 crafting Ukrainian producers from all over the country.
Cheese and meat products, bread and wine, juice, tea and other drinks of own production, chocolate and caramel, jams and honey. The masters on your eyes will be pressing the Carpathian real cheese or cooking berry jam, mixing herbs for tea or making chocolates.
When: 4-5 June, from 10:00 till 20:00
Where: St. Desyatynna, 12
Free entrance

Colorful race

Цветной забег 5 июня, 10:00
The event is not only for athletes, but for all lovers of bright, dynamic holiday. The path length of 3 and 6 km will be painted in bright colors and rousing music. You can come with original suit or with awesome attribute.
Everyone aged 16 years and older is allowed. Before the start the traditional warm-up will take place with the coach and children's race at 250m.
When: 5 June, 10:00
Where: Kontraktova Ploshca

How much: from 150 UAH

Concert of Gabriel Bruce

Концерт Gabriel Bruce в Sentrum 5 июня, 20:00
Creativity of a British musician - is the embodiment of superior and intelligent noir with exciting keyboard parties and power drum machine. Languid existential elegies fill each song, creating mysterious musical palette in dark colors. Each song is a completely separate world.
Exclusive creative solutions, an impressive sounding baritone and genuine atmosphere - this is the minimum of what awaits all viewers. 
When: 5 June, 20:00
Where: Sentrum
How much: from 300 UAH

Open Air Cinema

Кино под открытым небом 9-11 июня, 22:00
Transferred KISFF screenings will be held in a shell at the Mariinsky park. These starry summer nights, everyone will be able to see the three festival programs - "In the Mood for Love" about the vicissitudes of love (11.06), "Dark Side" of carefully hidden nature of man (9.06), and, of course, a comedy with rough-satiric flavor (10.06).
All shows start at 22:00 on the shell at the Mariinsky park.
When: from 9 till 11 June, 22:00
Where: Shell in Mariinsky park
Free entrance

Street food festival

Фестиваль уличной еды будет идти три дня
The theme of the June street food festival will be the American kitchen. July 4 US Independence Day is celebrated: the Kiev events are preparing to present a new perspective on the American food culture with unexpected and long time favorite dishes.
When: 10 - 12 June, 11:00 - 23:00
Where: Art-factory "Platforma"

How much: 50 UAH

The festival of colors Holi

Фестиваль пройдет на Ледовом стадионе
Holi - Indian traditional annual celebration of spring and bright colors. Traditionally, this celebration is full of colors of herbs and natural dyes (hum) and pouring water. In Kiev, a similar exercise is carried out in the summer, when the weather is better this helps. Also merry throwing colors at each other, will be more Indian dances, body art, workshops, painting mehendi, musical performances and other entertainment.
When: 25 June, 14:00
Where: Ice Arena

How much: 280 - 1350 UAH