Plan to visit Ukraine? Choose your activities here!

Hello, dear readers of Ukrainian Travel Blog! Summer 2016 is a perfect time to visit Ukraine, but it is much better to accomplish this task by making a plan of your trip and choosing in advance the activities you wanna do here. Ukrainian Travel Blog wants to recommend you a new travel project – 
Beinside is a new Ukrainian tourism brand

The main idea of this project is to make Ukraine a top tourist destination. So start your journey in Kiev. Choose your travel mood and the team of experts will help you experience the most of your trip.

Steps to make your trip unforgettable: 

1. Choose your travel mood:

  • BeEnriched
  • BeFoodie
  • BeInspired
  • BeAdventure
  • BePower
  • BeFiesta
  • BeHistory
  • BeSplendid
  • Be2Be

And here you will find a list of activities like tasting traditional Ukrainian drinks, visiting Ukrainian enthno rooms with a possibility to purchase modern Ukrainian traditional clothes, museums (for history lovers) either indoor shooting range or karting for those who are fond of extreme. 

There is an exciting video to each of these activities to show you what's gonna happen in reality. 

2. Choose number of people. 

This is important because the service offers you an accommodation in a diversity price range (100€, 70€ and 40 €) for 2 people.

3. Choose number of days

This will help the service to make the best option for your stay in Kiev. And also knowing the number of days you plan to stay in Kiev will make your trip organized and well-motivated to try as much as you can. 
For example, there are activities for 3-4 days (if order the full package), but also for 3-4 hours if you decide to choose one of those represented on the website

4. Choose accommodation type

This step was previously described, but we want to concentrate your attention on the point that by such convenient price (e.g. 40 euro for 2 people) you will obtain very cozy and located in the center apartment. 

Additional services

This website also offers you such additional services as: 
 - taxi transfer from the airport (it's very convenient, because those taxi drivers in the airport charge very high prices to pick you to the city center (about 40$ per trip), BeInside will make it cheaper and faster). 
- Local guide support (because most of the tourists come to Kiev for the first time, so there is a necessity to have somebody who will show you the city). 
- Translator (the staff is very professional and offers a translator according to the language you speak).
- Visa issues (in case if you need an invitation or tickets). 

That's it! Now you just have to try it and leave your feedback after the tour.