Relax in the Carpathian Mountains in summer 2016

There is a stereotype that rest in the mountains is possible only in winter because of skiing or doing other winter sports. We will try to debunk this myth and convince that this summer you should visit Ukrainian mountains.


Lets begin the rest in the Carpathians from the village Skhidnytsia (Drohobych district), Lviv region, located in the valley on the northeastern slopes of the Carpathians. Here you can not only spend time but also to restore your health, because your body for years of hard work deserves vacation. Skhidnytsia is most famous for its mineral waters, the first of which started to produce in 1976. Imagine, in a small area there are contained up to 38 different sources. Therefore, the village became a resort destination.

What to see: 

  • Skhidnytsya itself has a Memorial Museum of a discoverer of mineral deposits O. Stotskyj; 
  • the remains of the blast furnace "Iron Huta" used in the 19th century; 
  • then be sure to visit historical and cultural reserve "Tustan" where you can find the remains of the once mighty fortress, which was destroyed by the Mongols; 
  • National park "Skole Beskydy" that beckon its pristine nature; 
  • stone church St. Nicholas built in the 17th century, located in the village of Novyy Kropyvnyk.


Our next item - Manyava village, Ivano-Frankivsk region. This is a small village of Bohorodchany district, its name comes from the word 'manivtsi' ("misleading"), ie random walk.

What to see: 

  • Manyavsky monastery, which dates from the 17th century, its founder is the monk from Mount Athos Kniahynytskyi Joseph; 
  • Blessed Stone with healing source, the faithful people come always there; 
  • but the main attraction of the area is Manyavsky waterfall - the highest in the Carpathians. Its height is 16 meters;
  • you can also visit the Museum of the brown bear in the village center, this species are included in the Red Book and are now threatened with extinction.


A good option for your vacation in the Carpathian will be Yaremche of Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the Carpathian Mountains in summer. It combines the silence of the mountains, magnificent panoramas, city infrastructure, cozy and comfortable estate, recreation areas. Tourists are offered many ways to spend time: whitewater rafting, hiking, cycling, horseback riding and more.

What to see: 

  • Wooden churches: St. Elijah and John the Merciful, built without nails, their age expelled from ages 16-17; 
  • Break waterfall that captivates with its beauty, it can be watched for hours, but there is a huge flow of tourists; 
  • the largest souvenir market in the Carpathians; 
  • Carpathian National Nature Park, where you can fully unite with nature;
  • Dovbusha path with the length of 4 km, which leads to the mountain Makovytsya, named in honor of the leader of the outlaw movement; 
  • Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathians.


Glorious city Kosiv of Ivano-Frankivsk region is steeped with Hutsul color. It can rightly be called the capital of Hutsul. In rich nature and picturesque landscapes, Kosiv is famous of handicrafts and decorative arts, such you will not find anywhere else in Ukraine. In each house there are people engaged in carving of wooden boxes, vessels, embroidered shirts produced earthenware covered with wool (Blankets of wool) and more. You will not go away from here without buying, because there is something interesting for everyone.

What to see: 

  • City or mountain Castle, where you can see old earthen wall and a magnificent view of the city and mountains; 
  • Museum of Folk Art and Life Hutsul Museum of the liberation struggle of the Carpathians; 
  • souvenir market, located in the center of the city; 
  • bee miracle cottages located in the village of Old Kosiv and which is the treatment of diseases of bees; 
  • Verbovets village church is Blahovischynska made in 1850.


Probably everyone heard about the favored holiday in Bukovel in winter, but there is something to do in the summer when there is no snow. This place is an excellent object for relaxation, all the conditions are created not to think about the gray days.

What to see: 

  • The biggest artificial lake in Ukraine. You can go water skiing, catamarans and so on; 
  • Zhenetskyy Huk waterfall that is located in Tatar village; 
  • entertainment center "Buka"; 
  • rope alpine-park. 
  • There is also offered in Bukovel: horseback riding, kvadro-tours, rafting, cycle and walking trails and more. In short, everything the tourist heart desires. Here you will not be bored.


Another place in the Carpathians, which should be visited - is Vorokhta. If you want to retire and not see endless streams of tourists, then you must come here. In this place climbing of the highest mountain in the Carpathians - Hoverla begins. If you are interested in reaching the highest point of Ukraine - contact us and we will book a tour for you. 

What to see: 

  • the old Austrian bridges, viaducts, preserved from the 19th century; 
  • masterpiece of wooden architecture - the Church of Nativity of the 17th century; 
  • prep sports base jumping from a springboard. 

This is not the whole list of tourist sites of the Carpathians, where you can have a good time. But we recommend you to start exploring the nature of our mountains this summer. Quickly pack up your bags and come on in the journey!

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