Gastronomic tourism - must-eat in Lviv!

If you go next time to the Lion City (another name of Lviv) - get ready to bring home from there not only the usual coffee and chocolate, but a variety of cheeses, sausages with real (!) meat and even trout caught by own hands. In this article we will reveal not banal gastronomic places to discover in this city and areas that you may inadvertently miss during your travel.
Some of you will be able to name more than one institution of Lviv, which has become a favorite, and indeed in recent years the city flourished with its gastronomic offerings, and even the capital (Kiev) remains perhaps to be jealous of authenticity of not only the atmosphere, but actually Galician cuisine itself.

"Greaves. Home lyeguminy"

Lviv sausages and other home treats

If you allow yourself to transform from a normal tourist to a tourist advanced in a local gastronomy, so you can taste in Lviv the most real Ukrainian sausage "as it is". That means without chemicals and without all of what is used to scare us. These words are about such a project as "Greaves. Home lyeguminy" or home treat - in other words).  It is made by two residents of Lviv - friends George and Michael - by their own hands and not just their own. They say with a smile that had to bring all the family and all godparents to cope with orders.

Interestingly, that their sausage, which from the outside resembles the well-known Spanish or Italian with mold, is produced by Polissian traditional recipes. And it was the major of Ukrainian dishes of the this region on Christmas and Easter. The taste is definitely not inferior to European counterparts.

But the sausage is not all that gastronomic Familia can offer: to your choice there is cheese lyegyminy (treats), as well as products from the wildfowl. A hot sauce of rhubarb, which is served with the meat - this is something incredibly tasty, though your stomach will be also pleased with the sausage with parmesan and drop of gooseberry sauce. In short, there are a lot of "lyeguminy" to choose from.

Lviv cheeses with a cup of home wine 

The next "point" of this gasto-route is dedicated for cheese, because what is Lviv without a glass of wine  (and of course when there is wine - you know which snacks go together). Exquisite. So go for it in the shop "Cheese travels" (Syrni Mandry), one of which is located close to the tourist center - Galician market. Immediately ask about Lviv cheese products "Jersey" which, by the way, is named after the cows breed. "Easter egg", "Pear", "Imperial", "Pansky colorful" - that's not all species of cheese that you will be offered.

Lviv dairy "Jersey"
Italian recipe, Ukrainian soul. Ms. Victoria Knysh, who founded her own cheese factory and she is its chief technologist, can long talk about cheese and about her studies in Poland, Slovakia and Italy. Having listened to it, you really understand: a person fascinated by her business puts quality above all else. By the way, she shared an important detail: cheese should be eaten with jam. Indeed, when a piece is dipped in raspberry or cranberry jam - new tastes are immediately opening up.

"Jersey" is located in several dozen kilometers from the city very close to the farm (from ten meters) from where actually milk is transferred (during which the raw can not be touched with hands). Clean, tidy cows that chew grass with the sounds of Italian pop of 80s or are pastured near the picturesque hills of Selysku - this is such an idyllic picture of the production. Not surprisingly, that these cheeses taste truly divine. And watching the people engaged in this cheese affair - a desire to give up the bustle of the city and start a similar local production emerges. Dreams, dreams ...

Farm in Selysk

Wild Wild West in Lviv Region

However, to fully satisfy your gastronomic curiosity, you have to go from the city to the wild wild West. Well, not so wild, but the West. Not a very good roads are worth seeing the best farm in Ukraine - "Merinos-West" in Drohobych district. 2500 sheep that live in clean and are carefully looked after by just nine people. It's hard to believe, but farm leaders say that even this quantity of staff is too much.

Actually this farm is specialized in growing and breeding cattle and positions themselves as tribal economy. Except of European breeds of sheep, goats are grown as well. However, this is the final aim: the farm plans to open a restaurant where they will treat visitors with original eco-specialties, and also production of the famous Carpathian wool blankets is planned as well.

Here you will be treated with goat cheese of own production: it is served with an incredible Carpathian jam and of course the local brandy - what feasting are without cordials: each family has its own recipe that remains in a secret and is passed from generation to generation.

What is more interesting about this farm is the eco-camp for children "Letnya" (named after the settlement). Urban teens have the opportunity to learn how cheese is made, how to taje care of sheep and goats, how warm clothing made of wool appears. This type of informal education - is a truly interesting alternative to the standard summer holiday. On the picturesque suburbs in the fresh air - real knowledge of the farming business is a good investment in the future of advanced livestock management in Ukraine. I think many parents want to start thinking and grab their children away from computers and mobile phones.


Finally, if you have already reached Lviv city on vacation, do not be lazy to go to Eco-base Opatsi to get to the Carpathians at least for a day, because you know that better than mountains can be only mountains and freshly caught trout in the middle of wooded peaks.

If fishing was always interesting for you, but you were scared away, inconvenient, uncomfortable and didn't want to get up at dawn - here you can catch a trout in a minute. It will jump out of the water on the hook, as if waiting for you all its life. Owners joke: a diver sit in a pond and directs the fish to the rod. With the speed at which the grid is filled with trout, already begin to believe in these "fishing tales". 

Eco-base "Opaque"
Caught fish can be just cooked on the grill or you can order a fast smoking (40 minutes). Well, or take a chance and try to bring it home. However, a delicious lunch in the mountains still seems attractive.

Finally, you can endlessly talk about gastronomic Lviv region, without a doubt, this region has still something to surprise. But it is better to plan well one of your weekends - and check on your own experience how it is tasty to live here.

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