How will be 25th anniversary of Ukraine celebrated?

On the 24th of August Ukraine will celebrate its 25th Independence anniversary. Let's figure out which manifestations are going to happen and decide what to see and where to go. 

August 23 at 9:00 there will be a ceremony of raising the National Flag at the building of Pechersk district administration. The event will feature presentations of children's creative teams and students of the Lyceum of Bohun, as well as awarding of active public by the Chairman of Pechersk district administration.

After the ceremony, a solemn laying of flowers to the monument to Vyacheslav Chornovil, Lesya Ukrainka and a memorial cross in the Alley of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred will be held.

Carrying out the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, "Pechersk Vernissage" is scheduled from 12:00 to 18:00, bue to this the connection on Ivan Mazepa street from the metro station "Arsenalna" to the hotel "Salute" will be blocked from 6:00 to 20:00.

Among the many events that will take place at the "Pechersk Vernissage", the people of Kiev and guests will be presented artistic performances and creative groups in the square near the entrance to the metro station "Arsenalna". Also in the program of the event includes a large flash-mob on the modeling of the State Flag with the participation of the community clubs students.

For the youngest visitors of the festival there will be held a master class "Drawing a large embroidery on the asphalt", where kids will be able to reveal all their talents. In addition, children can visit the playground, while adults can try their hand at sports grounds.

Also, everyone can participate in master classes on making a large Ukrainian traditional dolls "motanki" of about two meters and small "motanki" as well.

This is how the dolls "motanki" look like

A large number of exhibitions is planned. Thus, students and teachers of educational institutions "Art Vernissage," and students of music schools in the district will present their achievements in a pedestrian zone near the house №3 in the street of Ivan Mazepa. Also, students will exhibit their work in the community clubs, and light industry college students will present their works at the exhibition "Embroidery handmade in ethnic style."

The event will also hold a photo exhibition of achievements of the district, where everyone will be able to see the work of municipal services of Pechersk district. Near exhibition for area residents and visitors free lottery will be held.

Near the hotel "Salute", an exhibition of military equipment will be held and soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine will show demonstrations with a sports program "Crossfit". And after the performances everyone will be treated with tasty soldier's porridge. Also near the hotel "Salute" there will be show of international class athletes of Federation Goju-Ryu Karate Ukraine.

"Salute" hotel where all the manifestations will be held

All visitors of "Pechersk vernissage" will be able to visit the mobile diagnostic center, presented by the employees of medical institutions of the district, as well as undergo free testing for HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C.

Happy Independence Day!