Peruvian Japanese cuisine in the Ukrainian capital!

If you think that a real gourmet has to try all kinds of world gastronomy, you will definitely be interested in a restaurant Ronin, located on Zoologichna 10, who offers the people of Kiev Peruvian dishes. This is another brainchild of family restaurants of Dima Borisov, famous for its non-standard projects. Ukrainian Travel Blog has previously described some of these restaurants in our article
A monument of Japenese samurai Ronin who welcomes the visitors of the restaurant

Introduction: what is RONIN

RONIN - is Japanese Peruvian cuisine Nikkei restaurant. Underlying - known products, Japanese and South American cooking technologies and a truly explosive flavors. It is a cosmopolitan food of Japanese immigrants to Peru, which have created a new gastronomic tradition called 'Nikkei', that conquered the world. 

Based on this ideas and being inspired of this cuisine the owner of 12 Kiev restaurants created another child to satisfy the taste of the residents of Kiev. Ronin - is a lumpen period samurai of feudal Japan, which lost the affection of his master, or failed to save him from death. In rare cases - a traveler who can not be controlled by the power of others, free warrior.

Set of dishes typically served in Ronin

The menu is based on the Nikkei cuisine. This is a synthesis of Japanese culinary traditions that were brought to Peru by immigrants from Japan. Having mastered the local land and the products, Japanese began to combine their tastes with the locals. And many years later, today, the Nikkei was transformed into the kitchen, which is gaining popularity all over the world. Since recent times this cuisine is represented in Ukraine, Kiev. 


The interior is very modern, to my mind, represents European style, which is pretty good for Ukraine. The overall number of visitors may reach up to 450 people located in the restaurant together. And it is true, when you just come inside - you feel the freedom and space. There are live lobsters and oysters on the showcase. 

An aquarium with lobsters
Fresh oysters on the showcase with fruits

Big hall for guests

The best option for this summer - outside terrace

The restaurant has a big green yard with tables and soft chairs - perfect option for shisha lovers and those who enjoy dining on the fresh air. Ronin also organizes special week-end picnics with a particular menu and friendly prices. 

Picnic area with children's playground
Actually, it is a good place to organize a wedding/party or even birthday as there are enough space and waiters are always smiling. In the article below I will explain my own personal experience in Ronin ;-) 


I feel it is time to talk about which kind of food you are able to taste and at what price. 
The core of Ronin cuisine is Ceviche - marinated raw fish or seafood, which is accompanied with sauce of yellow cherry tomatoes, chili and mango. Ceviche can be chosen and made of:
  • Sіbas fish - 199 UAH
  • Tuna - 199 UAH
  • Tiger prawns - 229 UAH
  • Scallop - 279 UAH
  • Kobe - 349 UAH

The menu option is Sashimi. For example, to try the tastes of all the ingredients of this dish it is better to order in full - assorted sashimi set for 529 UAH, which includes each two pieces of:
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Sea bass
  • Kobe
  • Scallop
  • Tiger prawns
Sashimi set

After the dish is served out to your table a waiter finishes it with fire show made on your own eyes!
There is also a big variety of oysters: ranging from its types and prices. This is one of those small list of places in Kiev where you can trust to the cuisine, be sure of eating fresh products and enjoy and good taste. Here is a selection of oysters presented in Ronin:
  • 3 oysters with wasabi sauce, jalapeno (Papaya sorbet and granite of yuzu and a glass of sparkling Spanish wine Cava - 269 UAH
  • Spesial №2: [half a dozen - 369 ₴ / dozen - 729 ₴]
  • Sentinel Spesial №2: [half a dozen - 639 ₴ / dozen - 1269 ₴]
  • Ostra Ryehal Spesial №2: [half a dozen - 639 ₴ / dozen - 1269 ₴]
  • Bodyuz №4: [half a dozen - 469 ₴ / dozen - 929 ₴]
Fresh oysters in Ronin
I think there is no need to explain ad describe the whole menu as it is big and contains plenty of items. I will just put below must-eat dishes in Ronin:

Salmon teriyaki: traditional Japanese fish roasting technique + author's sauces for 298 UAH

Peruvian "guinea pig", Pork belly with passion fruit: Juicy and tender meat + fruit puree for 259 UAH
Nikkei rolls: from 149 to 449 UAH
Tomato salad: tomatoes (fresh, smoked and dried), fragrant leaves, yogurt and yuzukoshō - fermented spicy sauce based on yuz and chili for 119 UAH
Delicious fresh grilled lobsters starting form 469 UAH

Yummy desserts 


In addition, Ronin teaches its guests to a new kitchen, it also opens a New World of wines: Uruguayan, American. They are sunny and rich, well combined with dishes from the menu. Fans will appreciate the unusual drink pisco, Peruvian grape vodka and cocktail Pisco Sour, which is made from pisco, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, bitters and protein (99 UAH / 120 ml). The bar has a place for the Sake, whiskey (including Japan), as well as own beer - white, dark, unfiltered and ginger (39 UAH / 0.33 liter).

Wine bar in Ronin

Restaurant has its own sommelier who can help any time to make a right wine choice

My experience at Ronin

I was lucky to get a chance to try this yummy food and I want to share my experience with readers of Ukrainian Travel Blog. Note: I will explain everything directly, as I don't want to write 'on request', so get ready to read an opinion of an average visitor of Ronin. 
P.S. All the photos in this part of articles are made by myself on my iPhone without photoshop to show it how really looks like. 

I visited Ronin as a guest with 2 friends of mine. When we came in the administrator has previously reserved a table for us, so everything was already prepared. I liked one important thing in Ronin and other restaurants of Dima Borisov family - they firstly serve you water (non-gas, normal water) and only after start bringing orders. It is right option, because before each meal we have to drink at least a glass of water, that's what doctors say :-)

My friends posing for the photo ;-)

Dish №1

And our first dish was Seviche (that what I have described above - the main core of Peruvian cuisine. Our Seviche was of Sea bass, by the way, it was my first time trying such fish (despite, I am a lover of fish). And of course the dish was served with this amazing sauce, which taste was just incredible, I have never tried something like this before. It was so tasty. However,  the portions were small because we divided it for three of us, but for start it was perfect combination to tease our appetite. 

This is our seviche (Sea bass) with sauce and some greens
We decided to take a drink and the waiter called us sommelier, who explained the taste of different wines. Anyways, we stopped our choice on Spanish wine - Prosecco Rivani (65 UAH per glass). 

Our wine

Dish №2

And after a while we took a second round but before starting tasting the main dish, we decided to order oysters (not included in our package) and were brought 3 big oysters, each with different sauce. The look and the taste was awesome, it was fresh and even when we squeezed a lemon on it, an oyster was scared, I noticed. 

3 oysters + a glass of wine for 269 UAH
And after that we stated the main dish - sushi set. I have already explained it above, and I can confirm that they were very delicious. When the waiter brought it us, he finished the dish on our eyes - burned sushi set with special lighter. Kind of show, but nice, I liked. Our set included 2 pieces of 1 item, in total there was around 20 sushi. 

Sorry, 19 on the picture, as my friend could't stand the seduce of this taste. So when I took my phone to take a picture, one sushi was gone 

Dish №3

And the final round was inaugurated with desserts. Sorry, I could not recall the names of all these desserts, but I liked the most the one in the left top corner. Its taste was awesome - Banana parfait with crispy meringue and papaya sorbet. These white bubbles on the deck with white and brown filling inside were a bit strange. A waiter told us it was made of rice flour. Sorbets were nice, especially for lovers of sour taste. 

Our dessert set
And of course as it always happens in such restaurants....there is a gift from our case it was watermelon.

Gift from chef

Lol :-)
And it was the end of our tasting. ...

My conclusion

My general impression is very good from Ronin. However, this restaurant is not available for average people of Kiev, as prices are higher than regular. I suppose an average bill may reach up to 700-1000 per 2 persons to have kind of that dining I was tasted. 
I always like to compare service vs. price  - and in this case these terms definitely match. You realize what you pay for: high service and educated waiters, quick and attentive staff, luxury outside/inside interior/atmosphere, sorry, but toilettes are in excellent condition. And of course you see what are you supposed to eat. This restaurant and its service is made for people, not against as it usually happens in Kiev. Although, it is gonna be tough to afford visiting it each weekend. But they found a good way-out: special picnic prices and menu for 98 UAH in weekdays from 12.00 to 15.00. So even those who are tough with finances but high in desire to taste the meal of Ronin can come here one day within this indicated period. 

Thanks for reading!

Opening hours: everyday from 11.00 to 23.00