Where to go with a foreigner in Kiev

Let idealists breath out, and materialists deeply breathe in - the way to the heart is through the stomach. Food is a part of the culture of the nation, there a life, lifestyle, preferences and even milestones lie in. To learn how to get pleasure in the Ukrainian capital, and earn the highest score for hospitality, this small selection will be about.

Kiev, Andrew's descent, 19

New Ukrainian cuisine is served in the restaurant-Salon Kanapa. The menu is made up of pre-revolutionary recipes collected from all over the country and seasoned with modernity. Here you can taste real Ukrainian borsch served in cabbage, delicious dumplings with different fillings. If you are lucky, there will be available gastronomic delights with national characteristics, such as truffles or Ukrainian Transcarpathian oysters. Such proposals are always submitted on a separate sheet. Leaving the restaurant, guests can purchase local farm products and please compatriots when return to their homeland. Furthermore, with this location you can begin the day! Andrew's descent, being a street-museum and one of the main attractions of the capital, will satisfy with the spiritual food and will lead guests to a delicious national breakfast here - in Kanapa.

Kiev, St. Shota Rustaveli, 4

West-Ukrainian cuisine, or rather its Transcarpathian part, served in the ethno-gastro-cafe Kiflyk. Why ethno - it is clear, why the gastro - it is possible to understand, when you start to read the menu in the native Ukrainian language, your hands will try to find a large encyclopedia or Google icon on the flat screen of the mobile device. The restaurant has earned recognition not only from visitors, but also from professionals, with excellent result in Ukraine "olive branch" international award restaurant that was held last year. The restaurant entered in the top ten. In this picturesque place you have to certainly taste banush, bograch and follow the recommendations of staff - it is always up to date in the kitchen.

PR bar
Kiev, St. Sagaydachnogo, 6а

You can spend a pleasant evening with a cocktail and eat delicious meal in - PRbar, where, not so long ago, delicious cocktails and Ukrainian cuisine from Kiflyk were combined. Here, public relations are friendly, transparent and open in accordance with the principles of PR. The bar has a unique friendly atmosphere and the staff systematically improves their English, finding a common language with foreign guests. A single holiday will not be missed here, there is always reminded about the Day of whiskey and tequila Day, and is not forgotten about the fun on certain occasion and without.

Khutorets on the Dnieper
 Kiev, St. Naberezhno-Khreschatytska, 10А

It would be nice to walk along the majestic Dnieper spread out on the boat and then taste the classic cuisine in a restaurant Khutorets on the Dnieper, which first opened its doors in 1998. Schedule of walks and boat are available to check in advance. The cuisine of Khutorets on the Dnieper is in Ukrainian style generous. Okroshka in an ice plate dumplings with liver, meat balls and crawfish. There is also a unique beverage room, where more than 80 types of vodka from all over the country are presented.

Last Barricade
 Kiev, Independence square, 1

Ukrainian menu with a degree in the area of the bar - it is a restaurant Last Barricade. A place is still quite new to make up a stable opinion about itself, but it deserves high attention. It is not only gastritis, but also a cultural space where you can attend a music and poetry readings. There's even a bar and cocktails - 100% UA made. Warranty of wow effect of the visit is provided by restaurateur Dima Borisov. And it is not so easy to get it, but it is even more interesting as at the entrance you have to guess a password and then to find a specific door which leads to the internal part of the restaurant. 

Coffe world
Kiev, St. Igorevska, 12А

Did you know that coffee also has a season? The grains are ripen at different times, depending on the areas and varieties. Svit Kavy (Coffee world) - it is not just a coffee shop, but also a "producer" of its coffee, which provides a way to drink from the garden straight to the table (i.e., from the farmer to the consumer), self-supplying and frying coffee. In this Kiev a coffee shop, for example, fresh coffee is supplied every week. Therefore, here you can always specify what is better to try now or what should be left "for later". Professional baristas who are trained (including, in the homonymous school - Svit Kavy) will put "all the salt and sugar" of the drink in your cup, and make coffee in one of a thousand ways, from classic to alternative.

Kiev, St. Nyzhniy Val, 19/21

There will always be a nice walk in the historic Podil which can lead the sweet lovers in Honey. Absolutely all the products will not leave you indifferent, and some can be addictive, so try responsibly. Among pets - firm Honey and eclair - Shu dessert. We can not say categorically, but it's the best performance encountered in Ukraine.

ONE LOVE espresso bar
 Kiev, St. Velyka Vasylkivska, 100

You can pass as a connoisseur of European values, demonstrating in practice the ONE LOVE espresso bar, which entered the Top 3 of a European coffee-guides. There are two ONE LOVE coffees in Kiev, and both, in addition to delicious coffee, will open the beauty of Kiev. The first one is on the Velyka Vasylkivska, with views of the church, which is a fine example of Gothic art in Kiev. The second - is on the 6th floor of the PinchukArtCentre, and it will allow to look at Kiev from the top. Along the way you can look at the exhibition  on floors below and culturally enrich yourself.

 Kiev, Tarasa Shevchenko boulevard, 1

Loggerhead will demonstrate the skills of Kiev bar industry in the best way. Entrance to the bar is hidden in transformer box in one of the arches on the boulevard Shevchenko. If you come without a loss and take a seat at the bar, you will not come off your sight from the cocktail show by Artem Skapenko. The favourite is Tom Sauer Yam, known to the world as a soup, but served as a cocktail. You can safely trust bartenders and ask for advice, because their task is to only exceed your expectations.

Parovoz Speak Easy
 Kiev, St. Velyka Vasylkivska, 19

We can not ignore the classic Kiev bar - ParovozSpeakEasy, which confidently won the award Sol in 2015 and is a source of manpower. What to drink? Everything! Direct your eyes to Dima Shovkoplyas and go to him! Dima will be able to explain using the proper English all the specifics of drinks. Watch the 'throwing' art, ordering a Bloody Mary - there is a lot to hear, but it is better to see once and try.

Enjoy your walk, and have a good time in Kiev!