10 most unpleasant places in Kiev according to its residents

We love our city, sincerely want to make it better, and we believe that the problems need discussion. That is why Ukrainian Travel Blog talked with the residents of the capital and found out what places they do not like and why.

Railway Station: shawarma, dirt and homeless

Central Station - the first thing you see when you come to the capital. It's a shame that the first what you see once coming to the capital - the homeless, dirt and odors.

Independence Square: kiosks and drunkards

The main area of the country has gone through several reorganizations and would look quite decent, if under the layer of stalls, vendors and various institutions at least something would have been seen.

Khreshchatyk: garbage and homeless

Chestnut on the main street of the capital is almost gone, but near the Bessarabian Market homeless firmly entrenched, which seem to be difficult to kick out.

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Leo Tolstoy Area: advertising, stalls, obsessive musicians and woman with bagpipes

Leo Tolstoy Square - it's like a second Khreshchatyk. It seems that here, at any time of day someone is waiting for someone. But, according to local, expectations are often marred by overly intrusive homelessness, and even fake musicians.

Landscape Alley: nothing old and nothing is sacred

Landscape Alley can rightly be called one of the iconic places of Kiev. But now it is occupied by tourists, coffee cars and other merchants, so the spirit of the old city is gone.

Postal area: stupid transportationб chaos of sounds and smells

Updated Postal area looks nice, but, according to residents, it is not functional: it is hard there for people with disabilities, cyclists, mothers with strollers, and even motorists.

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Nivki: terrifying park and dirty Green Theater

Nivki - a very ordinary residential area, away from the city center. Perhaps this is why the eponymous park it still not taken to elevate its look, which is, frankly, scary.

Shuliavska: smells, dark alleys and holes in the asphalt

Two of the best universities of the country are located in this area, but beyond them, dirt, debris, homeless and "holes in the asphalt the size of the Grand Canyon" are observed.

Solomianka: farmers' markets which create traffic jams (and trash) 

Solomenskiy district is notable for two railway stations, airports and traffic jams. Local residents complain about farmers' markets that take a significant chunk of the road and time.

Vydubychi "mysterious" transport interchange

Vidubichi - very picturesque area (mainly due to being in the area of the botanical garden), but it is problematic to get to all this beauty: transportation able to make confused even a professional driver.

We know that this is not a complete list of places and there are a lot more. Tell us about them! Comment, share and let us work together to make our favorite city better!
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