Become more intelligent in September: an overview of lectures and master classes in Kiev

Sultry summer days and warm sleepless nights are over. We hope you were able to relax! Because we have prepared for you an educational selection and now will you tell where to become smarter in September!

Internet Business Hub

When: September 10-11
Where: Minor opera, st. Degtyarevskaya 5
Cost: 550 UAH.

Internet Business Hub - is a systematic lectorium from leading experts in the field of Internet business. For two days the speakers will cover business start (from the idea and research of investment up to the launching of the project), management, promotion and online advertising business. In addition to knowledge and skills visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the company lecturers and/or pass practice there.

Workshop: Instagram and mobile photography

When: September 18,
Where: KMArt Yard, st. Ilinska, 9
Cost: 500 UAH.

The six-hour workshop where you will learn to make sharp pictures and build the Instagram-brand. Teacher is Zhenya Drach - photographer and one of the most popular Ukrainian instagramer. She leads page @insta_kiev (48,000 subscribers), @tabletochki_official (3,500 subscribers), @zavodshop (5,500 subscribers), @gmentezi (120,000 subscribers). The program provides a theoretical unit, answers to questions, a coffee break, a walk in interesting places on Podil, perform the Instagram-cases and "debriefing".


When: 5-19 September
Where: Online
Cost: Free

"Instafest by Genius Marketing» - an online festival where nine practitioners will show how to make "Instagram" a permanent source of income with a profit of $ 2,000 per month and the minimum employment. Speakers of the event will explain how to create a million accounts and 10,000 subscribers in 1-2 months, how to promote their services and sell products,  what Insta-known bloggers "hide"and what is the ideal niche for sale in Instagram.

How to open a coffee house # 10 + opening a coffee houses in Europe

When: September 6-7
Where: Hub4you, pl. Sports 1
Cost: 3900 UAH.

The 10th two-day intensive to open coffee shops. No lyrics and "blah blah blah", but only practical knowledge - organizers promise. Among the speakers - well-known restaurateurs in Ukraine, as well as invited guests from Poland and Latvia. Will speak about how to choose the perfect location, form a dream team, create unique content and corporate identity, to organize the bar, which will work better than coherent clockwork, how to deal with a bunch of documents and simply survive. The price includes lunch, coffee breaks and handouts.

Start Your Business Vol. 20

When: Beginning September 13
Where: Startup Ukraine office, ul. Moscow, 27
Price: from 15,000 UAH.

Start Your Business - is a three-month comprehensive program to create your own business from the educational center for entrepreneurs Startup Ukraine. The course consists of 7 modules and the protection of the finished project. Among the successful projects of graduates: the Leaf, "Love-Carrot", "spinach", "Almond coffee room», Wow Detox, Samokish, Anna Sergienko fashion, Good Dance, Laboule, Alpha Bravo Club and others.

Ukrainian language Workshop

When: September 14 - October 17
Where: The Centre of Ukrainian Culture and Arts LLC, st. Horyv, 19v
Price: 2300-2500 UAH.

Language workshop SOLOVEI - these are 10 intensive classes in spoken Ukrainian language. The program of work with the most common errors and Russisms, vocabulary, basics of business language, working out stress and pronunciation, as well as thematic sessions with celebrity guests. Lessons will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:00 to 20:30.

IT-Weekend Ukraine

When: September 17,
Where: CEC "The park", Park Road 16a
Price: 3000-4800 UAH.

IT Weekend Ukraine - an international conference designed for formation and establishment of the Ukrainian society of IT professionals, effective training of IT specialists, experience and ideas. On stage - 29 speakers. Directions: Software Development (Java, .NET, Python); Future Technologies (Space Programs, IoT, VR); Product Management; UI\UX Design.


When: 19-23 September
Where: Hyatt Regency Kiev hotel st. Alla Tarasova, 5
Price: from 1400 UAH.

KIEV MEDIA WEEK - an unprecedented project, which combines a number of major international events in the field of television, film and other media in one place at one time. This year's event kicks off a new concept - Media Business 360°. Particular emphasis will be placed on cross-platform and convergence of different media.


When: September 26-28
Where: "Solomenskaya brewery", pl. Solomenskaya, 2b
Price: from 5500 UAH.

"RestoPraktiki" - a 3 days of concentrated restaurant experience and knowledge, the legendary restaurateurs as speakers, interesting acquaintances and a lot of positive energy. Only real practice, no naphthalene "experts" and pseudo restaurateurs. Live people, live topics and drive. The price includes lunch and coffee breaks, as well as materials on the results of the event (presentations, videos, photos, contacts members). A good and actually one of the best example of restaurant practice in Ukraine is a restaurant of Peruvian Japanese cuisine - Ronin

Business Wisdom Summit

When: September 29-30
Where: Club Bel etage, st. Shota Rustaveli, 16a
Price: from 6000 UAH.

The large-scale two-day business event for owners and CEOs of progressive businesses. Among the speakers of the event Tomison Thomas, founder and co-owner of HolacracyOne; Ilja Laurs, founder  of Nextury Ventures; Lorraine and Franklin McMahon, owners of upholstered furniture factory "Morgan Phoenix», IKEA supplier; Tatyana and Vladislav Burda, a chain of stores "Antoshka"; Andrew Ham and Dmitry Derkach, the network "Planet Cinema"; Sergei Gaidai Paul Sebastyanovich brand "Fyuchipsy", etc. Along with the traditional businesses at the summit, delegates will perform the new economy: Tripmydream, Readdle, ARTKB, OpenWorld.

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