Hookah evenings: Top 10 bars and restaurants in Kiev

Smoking of hookah - is a ritual. Under the tobacco the conversations are becoming heartier, and life seems to be getting better ... And if you add flavored tea and a great view from the window, everything will be exactly as it should! In Kiev, there are hookah place!

Hookah bar G-Sky

Summer hookah is still open - the velvet season still. G-Sky is located on the seventh floor, on the roof of a multi-level parking. Terrace has impressive scale and view of Kiev. Guests are offered to stay behind miniature tables and sit on soft chairs, cushions. Classic hookah (Al Fakher, home Jordan) costs 180 UAH. For tobacco asking 20-80 UAH, fruit bowl will cost from 55 to 205 UAH. A table is better to book in advance.
Address: Str. Raduzhnaya, 25a
Hours: daily from 12:00 to 5:00

The lounge bar B-hush

We climb even higher - on the 11th floor of the hotel InterContinental Kiev! B-hush - this is a bar, where you can take shelter in bad weather, and a panoramic terrace, suitable for warm evenings. Summer playground is now open. Inside - two rooms, also has a VIP-room, if you wish to hide from prying eyes. Classic hookah on water costs 350 UAH, with the addition of juice - 380 UAH. Original hookahs on fresh fruits will cost 450-650 UAH.
Address: Str. Big Zhitomir, 2a, Hotel InterContinental Kiev
Opening hours: Sun-Thu - from 18:00 to 2:00, Fri-Sat - from 18:00 to 4:00

Restaurant Mr. Zuma

The restaurant of contemporary Japanese cuisine Mr. Zuma also has excellent hookah. It is located though not on the roof, but on the fifth floor of the shopping center "Gulliver". The restaurant has its own summer terrace with wicker sofas and chairs, soft cushions. No less cozy and comfortable under the roof of Mr. Zuma. Specialties of the restaurant, of course, - fish. Hookah prices start from 280 UAH. Visitors are advised to book hookak on the grapefruit (520 UAH).
Address: Sportyvna ploscha, 1a
Hours: daily from 12:00 to 2:00

The lounge bar Avalon

This is part of "Avalon" entertainment complex. Great place to relax! The tables in the bar are located tight to each other, but nobody does not interfere with each other. The interior in the spirit of American postmodern and subdued lighting set up for the correct way. If you hurry up, you will have time to smoke a hookah on a summer area of "Avalon". Price - from 300 UAH.
Address: Str. Leontovich, 3
Hours: around the clock

'Bar on 8'

It is situated in the center, on the eighth floor of the Hyatt hotel. In every season you can enjoy a view of Sofia and St. Michael's Square, the monument of Khmelnitsky from the window... The interior is quite discreet, in dark colors, but elegant. Special credit goes to grill menu of "Bar on 8". Meat, fish and seafood cooked in the oven-tandoor. Prices for hookah - from 270 UAH.
Address: Str. Alla Tarasova, 5, Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel
Hours: daily from 11:00 to 2:00

"Concord" Restaurant

Spacious and cozy place where you can smoke hookah - on the terrace (open during the warmer months) or in the restaurant. Interior of "Concord" is decorated in warm chocolate and yellow shades. Guests sit down on couches. The most interesting thing starts near the huge windows. You can see the tops of skyscrapers and even the center of Kiev. The kitchen in the restaurant is special - fusion. However, it is better start dinner with wine: here an exclusive wine list exists. Classic hookah on water will cost 270-420 UAH. Designing fruit hookahs with premium tobacco are more expensive - 650 and 890 UAH.
Address: Str. Pushkinskaya, 42/4, BC Credit Agricole
Working hours: from 12:00 till the last guest

Restaurant "Panorama"

You decide where to sit: in the main hall, cigar room or on the spacious terrace of "Panorama". Restaurant is very bright, the interior is dominated by red color, wood and stone. It softens the atmosphere of good live music - jazz, soul, blues. The cost of the classical hookahs - from 292 UAH.
Address: Str. Sholudenko 3.
Hours: daily from 11:00 to 23:00

Restaurant "Monaco"

Should I submit this expensive Mediterranean restaurant ?! It appeared in Kiev in 2007. There are five thematic halls. While it is warm outside, guests can sit on the summer terrace "Fonfil". Landscape Alley and St. Andrew's Church is well seen from the ground. The "Monaco" has a chic selection of seafood. Hookahs - match the class of institution. They are only exclusive: cocktail, fresh fruit brand in the classical "jellyfish" on alcohol, milk, juice or water.
Address: Str. Big Zhitomir, 20a (Landscape alley)
Working hours: from 12:00 till the last guest

Restaurant "Nebo" (Sky)

Search for "Nebo" (sky) on the seventh floor of the shopping center Arena City. The name of the restaurant is fully justified. Inside - sofas, pastel colors, soft music and panoramic windows! The establishment has only 15 tables, so you need to book well in advance. A few words about the cuisine: it is the author and European. The most popular dishes - seafood, steaks, sushi. And for a hookah here will give not less than 300 UAH.
Address: Str. Velyka Vasylkivska, 5, mall Arena City
Working hours: from 12:00 till the last guest

Indigo Lounge terrace

Nightclub "Indigo"is known for all the party-goers. When they get tired of disco atmosphere, they visit the lounge terrace. No matter that it is located on the ground floor: very nice location, with soft sofas, unobtrusive music. In the afternoon, from 9:00 to 18:00, a hookah is less expensive - from 145 UAH.
Address: Str. Kudryashov, 3
Hours: daily from 8:00 to 6:00

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