Kiev murals - the brightest examples of the Ukrainian capital!

In recent years, artists have decorated the streets of Kyiv with dozens of large and bright pictures - Murals. Talented artists from Ukraine, Spain, Argentina, Australia and Portugal diluted urban landscape of the Ukrainian capital with paintings, which are really impressive. Grey walls decorated with incredible portraits, landscapes and abstractions.

Ukrainian Travel Blog decided to gather the brightest street arts of Kyiv, which not only delight with their colors but also with skill execution. Most of them are designed to draw attention to important topics and pressing issues, like the war, the struggle of the Ukrainian people and the global warming that threatens the planet.

Ivana Franko st., 12
In May 2016 Ukrainian artist Alex Maksiov first began working on the Mural.
The wall shows a bright bird, which "hangs" on the light bulb. The height of image - 18 meters, length - 15 m. Mural is called "Freedom" and was created within the Art United Us project.
By Alex Maksiov (Ukraine)

Prospect Peremogy, 37
"The Mural depicts protons moving toward each other at high speed, and during their clash the energy is released. The walls of leading technical university of Ukraine best approached to implement the plan," - this is how an author described his creation on the facade of the Center for Culture and Arts of KPI University.
Author: Aaron Lee Hill (Canada)

Borysoglibska st, 10a
In June the house located on Podil embellished a portrait of Ukrainian girl. Bright Mural was established by Ukrainian artist Olga Rodnyak.
By Olga Rodnyak (Ukraine)

Olesya Gonchara st, 32a
Mural was painted in the center of the city. Belgian artist ROA was creating this street art, despite health problems. Despite the need for surgery, the artist completed the work.
Author: ROA (Belgium)

Turgenivska 2
Gentle Mural, created by an artist from Puerto Rico, is located on the street Turgenivska. His creation artist called El Abrazo del Sosiego.
Author: Anna Maria (Puerto Rico)

Prospect Mykoly Bazhana, 9;93
Diptych from murals within the project Art United Us appeared in Kiev in summer. Australian artist RekaOne named one of the works as Mother land (Rodina Mat).
Author: RekaOne (Australia)

Prospect Mykoly Bazhana, 5
In June, the Ukrainian street artist completed his Mural in the capital. The huge canvas was yet another addition to the so-called "street gallery" which is planned to create on the prospectus Mykoly Bazhana.
Author: Alexander Bryttsev (Ukraine)

Heroiv Stalingradu, 16d
Strange picture appeared in Obolon in the festival of urban art Mural Social Club. When creating a  sanctuary on the wall Spanish artist was inspiring by the church of St. Sophia.
By Gonzalo Borondo (Spain)

Antonovycha st, 138
Mural, depicting a girl with birds, decorated the capital building in May. Work was not first in the works of young artist Sasha Korban, who has decorated several buildings in Kiev with his street paintings.
By Sasha Korban (Ukraine)

Bratyslavska st, 12
In Dniprovsky region of Kiev this bright Mural appeared in April. Picture took the whole wall of 16-floor building. Like many other murals of the capital, the work was created within Art United Us project.
Author: Liqen (Spain)

Prospect Mayakovskogo, 1v
Stunning pictture of Italian artist was the highest in Europe and is located on the building with height of 26 floors. When creating Mural an artist under the pseudonym 2501 was inspired by the emblem of Ukraine and laid in his work the word "Will"(Volya).
Author: 2501 (Italy)

Prospect Mykoly Bazhana, 5e
Fabulous bright bird was the first work of the artist Ernesto Maran'ye from Miami. The creation of a spectacular picture was accompanied by an unfortunate incident - an artist paints were kidnapped.
By Ernesto Maran'ye (USA)

Boulevard Lesi Ukrainky, 5
The work of American artist adorned the wall in June 2016. Ernesto Maran'ye painted giant blue bird created from flowers. This mural became a second sample of the artist in Kiev within Art United Us project.
By Ernesto Maran'ye (USA)

Boulevard Lesi Ukrainky, 30
Another bird Mural was created in the Pechersk district of Kiev on the Boulevard Lesi Ukrainky. Belgian artist decorated the wall with two flamingos within Art United Us project.
Author: Bart Smeets (Belgium)

Laboratorny lane, 4
The peculiarity of the work of capital artist Artem Prut is that a young assistant - a boy with cerebral palsy Artem helped him to create this Mural. Even The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko came to look at the work on the five-story building, and take the brush into this hands.
By Artem Prut (Ukraine)

Saksaganskogo st, 61
Mural says "Every river flows into the sea". It adorned the wall in the center of Kyiv in May. To create a 6-storey canvas an artist spent about 10 days. The Curator of City Art Geo Leros called an image of horse and Black Sea as one of the most "adult" work in the project.
Author: Ricky Lee Gordon (South Africa)

Lypynskogo st, 13
Huge cyclist appeared on the capital's racetrack in May 2016. City Art Curator Geo Leros in his Facebook said that the picture is self-portrait.
Author: Emmanuel Jarus (Canada)

Honchara st, 36a
In July 2016 the first night Mural in Kyiv was created by an artist from Spain. According to the artist, he was very impressed by night city and decided to show it in its composition. Canvas was created within Art United Us project.
Author: Sebastian Velasco (Spain)

Dmytrivska st, 62/20
In 2016 appeared street painting "Labyrinth" on the ordinary building in Kiev. The extensive work of the artist from Tatarstan fell to top 10 street-art facilities in March 2016 according to the publication StreetArtNews. Mural is 24 meters high and depicts two labyrinths - external and internal, which only exists in the mind of the hero of this painting.
Author: Rustam QBic (Russia)

Mykhaylivska st, 22
Portrait of a Hero of "Heavenly hundred" Sergei Nigoyan appeared on the wall of a building in the center of Kiev in the summer of 2015. The author of street art, which depicts a young boy with a particularly keen eye, was a Portuguese artist from Lisbon Alexander Farto, known under the pseudonym "Vhils".
The peculiarity of his graffiti is that it is not drawn, but literally carved on the wall of an old house. Farto uses building tools instead of paint, which removes layers of old plaster, exposing the brickwork.
Author: Alexander Fart "Vhils" (Portugal)

Artem st, 75
Mural depicting the famous Ukrainian Mykhailo Hrushevsky appeared in Kyiv and was supported by Mayor Vitali Klitschko. The extensive work that was created on the eve of the 150th anniversary of the birth of historian and politician, blocked an advertising of a construction company, which previously occupied the house.
By Kailas-V team

Velyka Zhytomyrska st, 38
Bright Patriotic Mural "Ukrainian St. George" near "Landscape Alley" appeared in Kiev in October 2014. The protagonist of street art - Cossack soldier with the head of a falcon, fighting with a dragon. Kozak is considered the embodiment of the image of the people of Ukraine, and snakes - all difficulties and enemies, which forced the country to fight. This large-scale work needed a wall about 150 square meters and 70 liters of paint.
Authors: Alex Bordusov and Vladimir Manzhos from art duo "Interesni Kazki"

Striletska st, 12
Mural depicting girl while performing a somersault in the summer of 2015 was created by the famous street artist from Australia Fintan Mahhi within the project Street City Art. The picture is devoted to the champion of the world rhythmic gymnastics - Ukrainian Anna Rizatdinova.
Author: Fintan Magee (Australia)

Borychiv Tik, 33/6
Mural created on Andrievsky Descent by artists from Ukraine and France during the "French Spring" in Kiev, representing the rebirth of the country. 15-meter "canvas" painted with girl Ukrainian, which symbolizes the spirit of the country and has a "space" appearance. To create a grand work artists needed equipment to paint a wall of a 5-storey building. Creating "Ukraine" took 11 days.
Authors: Alexey Kislov (Ukraine) and Julien Mallan "Seth" (France)