The most beautiful gothic buildings of Kiev!

Gothic architecture - it is always impressive. Proud building, stretching to the sky, with exquisite moldings and sculptures - a fairy tale comes to life before your eyes! The style was very popular in Western Europe, XII-XVI centuries. But it is not necessary to go to Poland, the Czech Republic or Germany to see this beauty: everything is much closer! Raise the head - and admire Gothic Kiev!

National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine - the former Church of St. Nicholas

Where: Str. Velyka Vasylkivska, 77

"Castle of Richard the Lionheart"

Where: St. Andrew's Descent, 15

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Seventh Day Adventists church

Where: Str. Mikitenko, 20a

"Pink Castle" of Baron Jakob von Uexküll-Gildenbanda

Where: Str. Shelkovichnaya 19

Castle of Baron Shteingel

Where: Str. Yaroslav Val, 1

"House with cats"

Where: Str. Gogol, 23

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Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre (pseudo gothic)

Where: Str. Grushevskogo 1a

National Bank of Ukraine (the Empire style, but also has elements of Gothic)

Where: Str. Institutskaya, 9

House with Chimeras (built in the Art Nouveau style, but with the characteristics of Gothic)

Where: Str. Bankova 10

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