10 restaurants, cafes and bars that were opened in Kyiv this summer

This summer was fruitful for Kiev gourmets and those who love visiting new places: in the capital a couple of dozens of new cafes, restaurants, bars and coffee shops were opened in summer 2016. In order for the ocean of different-sized establishments will not carry away to the wrong direction and not confuse beginners hedonists and clubbers, Ukrainian Travel Blog will represent the most challenging new places to have a look in this autumn 2016!

Last barricade

On Independence Square a restaurant from the network of Dima Borisov was opened recently. There guests can get in by only guessing a simple puzzle. This is a great option not only for meetings with foreign friends or business partners, but also a place where you can go to the indigenous people of Kiev for a new format and a real Ukrainian cuisine. In the menu - dumplings, banosh, burger with braised pork, mincemeat, and more.
On the walls you can find artifacts of the Revolution of dignity, and not only - the same thermos of Mustafa Nayem in first night of protests, Yushchenko's orange scarf and even a piece of the Berlin Wall. And also wine and poetry readings, jazz and blues concerts and lectures are often organized in the Last Barricade.
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Address: Independence Square, 1
Phone: +38 068 907 1991


The bar is in the style of "Killer" just opened and already gets a great demand among local hipsters. You can have a drink, snack, and breakfast, and feel noble party-goer: Friday and Saturday the restaurant is open until the last customer, that is, almost until morning. In the menu - light snacks for short dining and solid food like mitbol with pasta.

Address: Str. Reitarska 13
Phone: +38 068 385 6551

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One of the main benefits of "Moments" - an inspiring view of the center of Kiev from the panoramic windows. There you can work quietly and in silence during the day, have a romantic dinner with a girl, and come to a family dinner. The menu is diverse - from masterpieces to simple familiar Soviet dishes. Pay attention to the Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, homemade soup, "fur coat", pasta with cuttlefish ink, breakfasts which are served all day until closing. All items are quite affordable.
In the evenings, Fridays and Saturdays DJs play in the cafe; on Sundays - cooking classes for children are organised.

Address: Khreshchatyk Street, 13
Phone: +38 093 339

Chinese hello

The name you've probably seen in your Facebook feed over the last couple of weeks. People of Kiev are talking about it a lot, definitely mentioning the mysterious larvae. The place was opened by an ex-co-owner of the club "Atlas" Katsurin Misha and his wife Dasha Katsurina who tried to recreate the atmosphere with the relevant Chinese dishes, decor and staff. You should go there if you love the exotic and are not afraid to crunch those most beetle larvae of a bug, try centenary eggs and soup made from snakes. All chefs - are the Chinese, so the authenticity of prescriptions is definitely preserved. Please note that the prices of some items a little bite, pre-read them before you order, say, a soup with a snake.
Here you can eat and more familiar dishes - take the lunch chicken in sweet and sour sauce with rice, Chinese soup, noodles and mushrooms in chili sauce.

Address: Str. Ivan Franko, 7
Phone: +38 095 556 99 77

Coffee World

The well-known coffee house brand in Lviv was recently opened in Kiev. The restaurant can not be called really spacious, but there is showroom with accessories for the coffee and, of course, excellent coffee. Go here, first of all, because: it is possible on the spot to have a drink and take home. Barista will advise what is best if you can not decide. In addition to coffee there is a dessert menu, and you can also have breakfast of oatmeal or granola.

Address: Str. Igorevskaya 12
Phone: +38 067 607 6396

Cup - Innocent bar

On Rustaveli interesting "combo"-place was opened - a familiar to many coffee lovers in Kyiv "Cup", which works daytime here in the format "coffee-shop", in the evening turns into a bar with a good wine and snacks to it. The quality of the coffee can be judged by the other network institutions in the city - it is very high - and an evening wine format pleases its diversity and edible applications to a glass of wine in the form of a cheese plate with nuts and honey, melons, figs and prosciutto, fruit platter.
An additional item that deserves respect is summer terrace - here it is just tables and chairs made by the street and enclosed boxes with beautiful empty wine bottles that are often an object of starring of cunning passersby. There will be comfortable to sit with a rug when colder and in winter move to a romantic sill in the hall.

Address: Str. Shota Rustaveli, 15
Phone: +38 093 184 8101

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Georgian cuisine in recent years is very popular among the people of Kiev: the new restaurant Saperavi was opened also for its connoisseurs. It is located on the territory of the Mariinsky Park, which is a significant plus. In addition, everything is made in the best traditions of Georgians: wide tables for large companies, large rooms, authentic Georgian dishes without adaptations, chacha, even the chef, manager and sommelier - Georgians. Come here, if you miss Georgia and want to remember the taste of the present Adjarian khachapuri, pkhali and other national dishes.

Address: street Grushevskogo 1c
Phone: +38 044 227 5707; +38 096 277 5707


The Italian Restaurant is notable for its lovely art gallery inside. Here you can have breakfast in Italian way, a cup of coffee of light roast, the restaurant offers traditional antipasti with a glass of wine, mussels, pizza, pasta. Note the polenta, Cappellini, rigatoni.

Address: Str. Zlatoustovskaya 14
Phone: +38 067 778 8488

Fish on Fire

Restaurant of Libkin Sava, which is known from the restaurant "Dacha" and "Compote" in Odessa (and more recently, the latter is also in Kiev), is worth a visit, especially for the delicious fish and seafood. It is here delivered straight from Odessa - the choice is flounder, goatfish, mackerel, mullet, bluefish, gobies. The name is derived from the method of cooking fish in this wood-burning stove, and the dishes are served on a shovel, but not how you think.

Address: Str. Sagaidachnogo, 23A
Phone: +38 067 518 4364

Mom, I'm home

Restaurant with eye-catching name of is positioned as a new format place - the name means like if you get into your house, where you can set their own rules. The concept is - with the words "Mom, I'm home" people end up talking after a hard day, when turning the key of the door and go back home, where they can relax and be yourself. That, on the idea of ​​the owners, must take place with visitors.
There's even Lunches creatively called "escaped for lunch" - a lightweight version; and "went for lunch" - hearty option. Otherwise, the food is varied, there are early breakfast, oyster non-limit and a large selection of cocktails in the evening.

Address: Str. Dmitriyevskaya, 62/20
Phone: +38 096 460 9360
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