Autumn 2016 in Kiev: the best pictures of autumn city

Autumn has come, it is cold, but nature walks no one has repealed. Autumn is a great time for walking. At this time of the year Kiev is becoming extraordinary and in its own way beautiful. Autumn covers our streets in yellow and red colors. Walking through the streets of the park nestled in fall foliage - is a pleasure. So grab the hand of your friends, children or parents and go for a walk in the autumn Kiev. Ukrainian Travel Blog prepared for you the most beautiful autumn places in Kiev, where you can enjoy enchanting views.

Botanic Garden named after Grishko

The research institution engaged in the design and creation of new botanic gardens and parks, development of scientific bases of gardening and phyto enterprises and organizations, as well as many other branches of theoretical and applied botany. In the USSR, the official name was "Central Republican Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" (Ukrainian Academy of Sciences TSRBS).
The Botanical Garden is part of the natural reserve fund of Ukraine and is the subject of a comprehensive protection, it refers to the lands of natural, historical and cultural destination, which шы protected as national heritage of the state.

Feofania Park 

Park "Feofania" is part of the natural reserve fund of Ukraine and it is also the park-monument of landscape art of national importance. "Institute of Evolutionary Ecology of NAS of Ukraine" takes care of this park. This team is making enormous efforts to the preservation and maintenance of green spaces in satisfactory condition and landscaping of recreational areas for visitors.

Mariinsky park

The park has a viewing platform, the platform was built in the times of Empress Maria in 1874: view of the area near the residence of Maria Alexandrovna seemed too sad, and she ordered to build an observation deck in the park. Now, the grateful descendants can enjoy views of the Dnieper, Kiev hills, left bank of the capital, Verkhovna Rada and the stadium "Dynamo".

Botanical Garden near metro University 

Botanical Garden of Academician Alexander Fomin is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Kiev and Ukraine. In its collections there are about 10 000 species, varieties and forms of plants and cactus collection was the largest in the USSR.
Botanical garden was conceived in 1834, for this to Kiev was even brought more than 500 species of plants, but due to lack of money everything was quiet, and only 5 years later some progress started. The official founding date of the botanical garden can be considered a May 22, 1839, when the first planting began to make in its territory. In 1841, there was already built greenhouse complex with designed terraces, which miraculously survived.

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Park Nivki 

Park Nivki, which consists of two parts - west and east, can be divided by railroad tracks and almost extinct river Syrets. This is one of the few parks in Kiev, which still preserved centuries-old trees.
On the territory of the park the river Syrets flows. It was it [river], and railroad tracks conditionally divide the park into 2 parts. The eastern part of the park has the status of a monument of landscape management. There is a cascade of small but picturesque lakes, which you can ride on a water bike. On weekends and holidays these places are full of lovers to relax in nature.

The open air museum "Pirogovo"

The largest museum in Ukraine. It is a home ethnographic "treasury" of our country. Here on 150 hectares, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is situated - architectural and landscape complex in the open air, which tells about all the historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine. Museum in Pirogovo begins ... with mills. Windmills and churches form the image of rural life, creating a real sense of immersion in the colors of the Ukrainian village. You can feel the "soul" of our people. The houses, the oldest of which has 1580 years old (!) Filled with examples of household items, clothing, icons ... And all this - on the background of "craft park" where contemporary craftsmen are reviving traditional crafts the old traditions, investing in these historical scenery living spirit of hard-working and cheerful Ukrainian people.

Andrew's Descent

Andrew's descent is one of the most famous and beautiful streets of Kiev. From ancient times it connected the Upper Town (Old Kiev) and Lower Town (Hem). This unique ancient street is the center of a plurality of craftsmen, antique dealers and artists. Here you can witness the "Castle of Richard the Lionheart", as well as the beautiful St. Andrew's Church, which is designed by architect Rastrelli. However, the most interesting legends of St. Andrew's descent are the people who lived here in different times. Among them is an outstanding writer Mikhail Bulgakov, his museum is located in the house number 13. Also, in the St. Andrew's descent street rather unique One Street Museum functions.

Pedestian Bridge

Pedestrian bridge or a park bridge connects the right bank of the Dnieper River with Trukhaniv Island. It was erected in 1957, and in Soviet times was called openwork bridge. Even then, the authorities assumed that Truhanov island is a favorite holiday destination for many people of Kiev, but there were those who belonged to this venture skeptical. Hydraulic Engineering in any did not believe that the bridge will be erected, and made a bet with the architect A. Zavarov. He won the bet, and won a prize - a case of champagne, right at the opening ceremony.

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