Kiev for everybody: the best free entertainments of the capital

Kiev - an expensive city, but even here there is enough of places with free access. No, it does not affect the quality, and yes, they are all worthy of attention! We have collected the best free entertainment in Kiev and offer to start exploring immediately! 

Exhibition Center Pinchuk Art Centre

Pinchuk Art Centre - a unique creative space in Ukraine. This is a great center of art of the XXI century, is open to artists and visitors. Due to the large area the exhibition works on the four floors of the center, and here each time several exhibitions, performances and presentations are held. Art-platform is well suited for people with disabilities: art can not only be seen but also be heard, touched and even smelled.

Tastings in the "Innocent bar"

The "innocent bar" is more like a cafe (wine only), there are free "innocent wine" tasting. Best Sommelier of Ukraine talk about the quality of dry and sparkling wines, and guests try them: the event takes place in the form of lectures, dialogue. It is cozy, informative and delicious! Wine is served with snacks. Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

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Vernissage at Andrew descent 

Andrew's descent - is like an open-air museum. In addition to the house of Bulgakov, and the Museum of one street or Castle of Richard The Lionheart you can see the pictures and reproductions, which are made by Kiev artists and represented there in any weather. Mona Lisa with Ukrainian features, dumplings in a cubic style, dozens of "ninth shaft" of Aivazovsky and variations on the theme of Gapchinska - a real gallery of folk art! By the way, all the paintings are sold at very reasonable prices: that's a wonderful souvenir from Kiev!

Education in Film.UA Faculty

Ukrainian film studio has equipped Troyeschina with real art platform: these guys know how to grow green garden in the desert! They explain everything you need to know about the modern media in their lectures. Studio offers spacious room, excellent equipment, well-known speakers. Free events are held very often! However, you need to register: those wishing to visit the lecture is much more than places inside. Watch for announcements!

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 "Mafia" play in Big Ben Mafia Club

"Mafia" - a favorite game of intellectuals and artists. A "mafia-club" in the Big Ben pub is the largest and most popular in Ukraine. True mastodons, beginners come here - there is championship with prizes held here. At the same time participation is for free. The city goes to sleep, and we're going to play!

Language practice in Language Exchange Club Kyiv

Language Exchange Club Kyiv - the biggest conversation club of the capital. Organizers for free collect people under the roof of one of the cafes and talk on various topics in English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. The club is open for meetings in any language, and calls for cooperation polyglots, thus it is becoming more diverse.

Romance at Vladimir's Hill

Kiev - the city in the park, and it is difficult  to choose a green corner for a romantic walk. However, we stopped at Vladimir's Hill. Judge for yourself: a marble monument of Dante created by Italian authors, the upper and lower malls - crowded and cozy - a gazebo, where they filmed the scene of the movie "Chasing Two Hares", with stunning views of Kiev, Vladimir Baptist monument, new benches, a playground and a funicular. Vladimir hill is shrouded with special magic: it is said, if on a first date you touch together fallen leaves and drink mulled wine, love couples will be eternal!

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