Where to try the most delicious mulled wine in Kiev?

When the weather is cold and damp, and you have the mood of melancholy, then wear warmly, take a friend or loved one and go to warm your body and soul with fragrant mulled wine. Ukrainian Travel Blog found out where in Kiev the most delicious wine with spices is prepared!

ГлинтвейнЯ (Glintweinia)

Mulled wine: classic and tangerine; in winter they add some more flavors
Price: 52-55 UAH.
Adress: 2 Bessrabska sq.

The cafe on Bessarabka heats Kiev people and tourists not the first year. They serve two basic kinds of mulled wine: classic red wine with fresh orange juice and white wine with a fresh juice from the mandarin. In winter, it is added a few more (last year - coffee, strawberry and almond).

Under the asphalt beach

Mulled wine: classic red wine
Cost: 55 UAH
Address: Str. Yaroslav Val, 33a

The small and cozy bar in the basement in Yaroslav Val. There are many trees, cacti in pots, colored lights and many other details that seem to transport you to the sea. Mulled wine is served here in classic, red wine variations. The menu also has a grog and a few hot alcoholic cocktails.

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On Stanislavsky

Mulled Wine: 2 species of red and white wine
Cost: 55 UAH
Address: Str. Konstantin Stanislavsky, 3

"On Stanislavsky" - a small, cozy coffee shop in the basement of the nearby theater of Franco. Mulled wine is prepared in two kinds, both on dry wine with spices and honey. This offer is seasonal.

DRUZI Cafe & Bar

Mulled wine: ginger and peach-currant
Cost: 55 UAH
Address: Str. Proreznaya, 3/5; Andrew's Descent, 2d

"Friends"  (DRUZI cafe) live on Proreznaya and in a small courtyard on the Andreevsky descent. It is tasty, noisy and fun. Warming smiles, blankets, and two types of mulled wine. Ginger cooked on a dry white wine, lemon, ginger syrup, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and a little more spice of Becherovka. The mulled wine on a red dry wine add currants, currant syrup, fresh figs, cinnamon and cloves. Guys in the cafe are always doing syrups themselves.

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UK Cafe

Mulled wine: classic, currant, ginger, sea buckthorn, clarified, special
Price: 45-65 UAH
Address: Boulevard of Druzhby Narodiv, 28v

The restaurant is located on the boulevard of Druzhby Narodiv, next to the Metro station. It serves European cuisine, treat with wines from different regions of the world, and desserts from the own confectionery. This autumn currant, ginger, sea buckthorn, clarified and corporate mulled wine were added to the menu. 

City-Zen cafe

Mulled wine: classic, coffee, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, tangerine, grapefruit
Cost: 59 UAH
Address: Prospect Pobedy 3a; Prospect of Stepan Bandera, 17/1; Str. Gnat Khotkevych, 1B (TRK "Prospect")

City-Zen - a network of urban cafes with a good coffee, delicious food and a wise Zen cat on the logo. Restaurants are located on Prospect Pobedy, Prospect Bandera (Petrovka) and the shopping mall "Prospect". This autumn mulled wines range has expanded to six species. The menu also has a hot Christmas punch.

And where do you like to drink mulled wine?

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