10 things you would probably hate Kiev for

We love, even adore Kiev and admire it. But there are some unpleasant moments to which it is necessary to be prepared in advance. So let's figure them out. Ukrainian Travel Blog prepared a list of the most hatable things of Kiev. 

The lack of English

Tourists who are not strong in the Ukrainian should better develop the route for themselves in advance in order not rely on passers-by. The Ukrainians - are open and friendly people who are always happy to spend a few minutes on the road designation, but a huge percentage of the locals, unfortunately, does not own even an international English language. In any case, just learn a few words in Ukrainian: the direction, the main metro stations, areas - as well as buy the card or download the mobile application with pedestrian navigation.

Signboards and advertising

Services sector is well developed in Kiev. And the bad thing is that in a highly competitive environment everyone is trying to tell us about your company louder, brighter, more and more original. As a result - huge posters, distracting from the road, gaudy signs that do not fit into the urban architecture, emerge. Large and small businesses are suffering from advertising: the first without hesitation will historic buildings in the city center with veil huge posters, while the latter will glue millions of light green and bright orange flyers everywhere possible.

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The dominance of Italian and Japanese cuisine

The tourist who comes to Italy, immediately hear the smell of pizza. In France aroma of croissants hovers and Georgians present their wine directly at the airport. In Kiev, there is an impression that the Ukrainian national cuisine - Philadelphia sushi and pasta carbonara: signboards of Japanese-Italian cuisine places immediately catch the eye of any visitor. But it is even is not always easy to find a restaurant with traditional Ukrainian dishes in the capital.


For those who like to explore the city at the wheel, Kiev could fall into the category of least favorite. A marking of many intersections is very illogical, the flow speed is much higher than set of traffic rules, in the center there is a lot of jams, and the drivers do not disdain to turn through the double line and can even can be rude to someone who clearly follows the rules. 

Brazen taxi drivers

If you read the previous paragraph and decided to travel by taxi, be prepared for the challenges here. Kiev - is the capital of a quick, easy and inexpensive taxi service, but only if you know a few features. Many dishonest drivers are cashing in on foreigners by the principle "not big money for him, so I will earn", overstating prices twice or even ten times. It is better not to take a taxi at the train station, the airport and near the hotel. Ukrainian Travel Blog recommends to use the service over the phone or the Internet, pre-reading the reviews. In addition, due to the low-cost charging taxi cars sometimes come far from ideal. For example, instead of the rear-view mirror in a taxi will, icons will be pasted; and you will not be able to use the trunk because of the gas cylinder. Many services can be specified to the wishes of a car - do not consider this service with disregard!

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Underground passages

Many countries have already completely switched to "zebra", but Kiev has just started similar reforms. So, it is unlikely to succeed to avoid the descent into a dark, confusing, decorated with graffiti underpass. Almost every one of them, even in the city center, is deprived of any navigation: you need to be topographical genius to take the right exit from the first time. But in the central underpasses you can buy coffee, clothes, souvenirs, mobile phones, currency exchange and listen to music. Note: underpasses in residential districts are not advised to go down! Especially in the evenings.


The ubiquitous yellow mini-buses first entertain tourists, but after start terrifying them. Breaking all the possible rules of the road, drivers can jump in front of a car or a pedestrian in the most unexpected place. And if a tourist decides to ride in the bus, he runs the risk of being crushed or robbed. But many visitors say a funny ritual of transferring them money and tickets through the whole cabin  - this can be seen only in Kiev!

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Unfortunately, Kiev can hardly be named a shopping capital. Brand shops are a few here, and prices are often inflated due to the expensive rent in the center. For this reason, almost no brands of the youth mass market are presented. But in Kiev there are a lot of strange expensive shops with an obvious fake, but cost almost more than original things.

The absence of alcohol culture

The vast majority of restaurants in the capital offer scant bar card: it is not always easy to find a glass of dry wine for dinner or a pint of local interesting beer. Fans of good old single malt whiskey won't also be happy with the majority of the menu. But there is good news: the city offers a number of specialized places and pubs where fans can take high-quality alcohol to satisfy yourself.

Black clothing

Kiev - a city of young people: students, artists, actors, models. But, unfortunately, the capital is still afraid of bright colors - it is rarely seen flash of pink hair or a tulle skirt. Kievans clothing is restraint regardless of the wealth of owner. It looks a little bleak. However, the trend is changing in a multi-colored, too, and it pleases.

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