5 new places in Lviv worth visiting!

The speed with which new establishments are opening in Lviv, only Kiev can envy . Each month in the city there are several cafés, bars and restaurants that are worth visiting. We've put together a selection of fresh gastro-news from the city.

Cafe Dreamers place

In July a cafe for vegetarians Dreamers place was opened in Lviv. Owners of this places are yogis spouses who previously founded the yoga studio in town.
Cafe is located near the main building of the University of Lviv, 5 minutes from the Market Square. The Dreamers place - two large rooms and a cozy interior. Here cold pressed juices, only the fresh soups, vegetable subji and sweets are prepared. Sometimes owners work on the kitchen, they can also serve customers.
"When we formed the menu, we followed two rules: it must be short and seasonal, for example, to prepare a salad with tomatoes soon will no longer make sense, tomatoes taste is plastic. Most products in our kitchen are local, it is very important for us to have everything fresh and tasty", - one of the owners explains.

Price: gazpacho - 48 UAH
Opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00
Address: Sichovykh striltsiv, 8

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Ribcage "Under the Arsenal"

Restaurant was opened in late May in the room, which previously was a night club "Under the Arsenal". The main dish of this place - roasted ribs, which are prepared in the open kitchen on the grill. The meat is bought from the farmers of the area. It is said that it is always fresh.
"According to our concept, we serve food without trays and instruments. We cover the table with a special paper tablecloth, where waiters paint plates, candles, flowers, in short, everything that you want. Sometimes, we were even asked to draw a rare Pokémon. The ribs and additions we put on the table. Each guest receives a special ''bibs"- says the manager.

The price for a portion of ribs: (400 grams): 75 UAH
Hours: 12:00 - 00:00
Address: Podvalnaya, 5


The new restaurant was opened in February 2016 near the legendary Lviv coffee shop "Dzyga". It serves 16 kinds of Ukrainian beer crafting, and menu is constantly updated. To check for flavors updates it was created a private group in Facebook, which regularly reports on new items.
"We carry craft from all over Ukraine from Dnepropetrovsk to Transcarpathia We have from light oktoberfest to bitter varieties. Place is ideal for those who want to come to watch the game and cheer", - administrator says.

Beer Price: 0.5 liter - 30-60 UAH
Address: Armenian, 33
Hours: 12:00 - 00:00

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"Flask Klein"

Restaurant was opened less than a year ago. The institution was named in honor of the invention of the German mathematician Felix Klein, who described the surface without edges.
Two halls places are decorated with Klein bottles, owners have tried to convey the atmosphere of the inventor's office by the interior of the place. The walls are decorated by the library shelves, where, the documents are sorted in alphabetical order.
"We are preparing our own brew beer and brandy, we are soon presenting the cocktail card. We offer European and Ukrainian cuisine, for dinner for one person here you will spend only about 200 UAH", - the manager says.

Price for bratwurst at Klein - 60 UAH
Address: Armenia, 3
Hours: 12:00 - 22:00.

Libraria Speak easy bar

In June a new bar of known local restaurateur Vardges Arzumanyan was opened in Lviv. This time Arzumanyan founded an atypical institution - speak easy bar with live jazz performances. The bar has no signage, visitors find it, telling address to each other.
"We are hard to find, but finding this place becomes a second home for all good people" - Libraria Speak easy bar writes on its website. 

Price of cocktails: from 60 UAH
Hours: 14:00 - 2:00
Address: Armenian patio

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