Go vegan: 7 best vegetarian places in Kiev

You do not eat meat, but want to try something tasty to satisfy your belly? Welcome to the best Kiev places for vegans and vegetarians, where you can find good kitchen without animals :) There are a few restaurants of vegetarian cuisine in Kiev so far, but even in those you will really find delicious meal!


Address: Str. Honchara, 15/3
It is a family-run vegetarian restaurant with a buffet and fresh juice bar. Mistress Oksana Prikhodko tells that the institution does not belong to the Vedic kitchen, its main principle - a high quality, healthy and varied diet without meat. Tri menu frequently changes, presenting promotional and seasonal items, as the main guarantee of delicious and wholesome food is always fresh products. Dishes from whole grains, rawfoodist sweets - a dining experience will be of interest to those who did not think to abandon from animal food. You  will be pleasantly surprised by the creative direction of the space: you can create an unusual pattern with your children, to tune in to a wave of creative and look at the work of other visitors.


Address: Str. Esplanadna 32
ILive - café for experienced vegans, where no dish can not be heat-treated. In short, everything is rawfoodist. Do not rush to be disappointed by little menu choice: iLive has much to offer the visitors. Salads, fresh smoothies and fresh juices, soups, snacks, rolls, cereals, sweets, bread and even menu for dieters! The main mission of the creators of the cafe - to prove that healthy food can be delicious. Well, try and check!

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Vegano Hooligano

Address: pl. Bessarabska, 2
Vegano Hooligano - pioneer of vegetarian street food of the capital. Its menu consists of exclusively vegetable raw materials, and the network itself is designed to make a comfortable adaptation of society to the "green" way of eating, in which no living creature will suffer. A small window with a falafel in pita bread on the Bessarabian market quickly became popular, and now the brand has its restaurants in other cities of Ukraine, lectures, vegetarian cooking school and a yoga class.


Address: Str. Zhylyanska 7
Feature of "Ginger" cafe - not only meals without animal food. This is literary space where the shelves are waiting for you with hundreds of interesting and fascinating books, which combines one thing: all aimed at personal development. Grow on in a "Ginger" under the best mix of wheat germ, mahabridzhal in tomato sauce and other unusual menu items based on Vedic cooking!

Ayurveda cafe

Address: Str. Dmitriyevskaya, 39
"Ayurveda Cafe" - is not just an eatery for mad enthusiasts. This is a restaurant at the Ayurvedic complex with its clinic, meditation and sports centers, pharmacies and shops. All meals, as you guessed, are prepared according to the canons of Ayurvedic and represent the six basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. Lunch in the cafe - a memorable dining experience and going beyond the usual supply systems.

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Address: Str. Malaya Zhitomirskaya, 3/4
It is a fast food restaurant, which is not subjected to heat treatment. Soups, salads, smoothies, fresh juices and desserts without sugar, milk, animal fat and cooking - there you have a healthy and varied cuisine in the heart of the capital. Even popular in the capital Italian and Japanese cuisine  were here adapted for vegetarianism. For those who want to try everything by a bit of NebO's presented a number of sets, and a variety of business lunches for office workers.

Eco Buffet

Address: Str. Vasylkivska, 28, avenue Moscow, 23g
Vegan cafe network, where you will not find meat, fish, poultry, dairy foods and eggs. But at the same time this menu is quite varied: not for nothing Kiev vegans and vegetarians love this place, and on weekends there is always a full landing. If there were no tables for you or you just felt too lazy to go somewhere - order home delivery!

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